Hatch Announces 1000 Four Platform For Grassroots Economic Development

Hatch is proud to announce that it is now opening the 1000 Four platform to cities, universities, incubators and other economic development agents across the nation.

Creative Startups Announces Winners Of $50,000 In Funding

Women-led startups take the cake at Creative Startups $50,000 competition in North Carolina. Click to learn more about these innovative startups.

Lioness Magazine Adds Yvette Harris To Advisory Board

Rising startup Lioness Magazine today announced Yvette N. Harris as the latest addition to their budding Advisory Board.

Vow To Be Chic Raises $5M In Series A Funding

Designer bridesmaid dress rental startup Vow To Be Chic, based in Santa Monica, receives $5 million in Series A funding to go to the next level.

This Entrepreneur Just Disrupted The Way Women Talk Sports With Goalposte

Goalposte is a daily newsletter that summarizes major sports stories in a fun and accessible way for women.

Creating The Look And Feel Of My Company

Crafting your brand by creating the look and feel of it and exemplifying it through design takes time. Here’s what Rachel thinks about when it comes to creating her brand.

To Freebie Or Not To Freebie? That Is The Question.

It’s every startups initial problem. You need to make money. You need customers. To freebie or not to freebie? This is how to do it right.

Thinking Like A Five-Year-Old Will Transform Your Business

Unlike five-year-olds, we often sabotage our thinking process. We say, “yes but.” “I can’t do this, because of that. Transform your business by getting out of the way.

Top 36 Startups To Compete For $250,000 In Cash Awards

VVM accepted 36 startups for the 2016 program, up from 30 in last year’s inaugural class. Alumni have generated nearly $10 million in revenue in 2015.

Five Ways To Bring Innovation To Your City

You don’t have to wait to be a part of the cool conversations. You can create them. Katie Stebbins teaches you how to bring innovation to your city.