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She’s Independent Investment Series Announced

The learning and angel investing platform has deployed over $550,000 in funds in its first year to 10 startups.

She’s Independent Investment Series will help 10 women-led startups, in addition to the organization’s plans to deploy $2 million in capital over the next 12 months. The organization is a women-first angel investment group offering an entirely new way to support women’s financial independence and influence.

She’s Independent is a unique platform combining education and investment opportunities with networking and mentorship. On a mission to get more women on the cap table, in the boardroom, and in positions of power. The ultimate vision of She’s Independent is to get more women into the investing arena to impact money flows and mindsets.

A word from Natalie Levy, She’s Independent’s founder and CEO

“The power dynamics within investing and venture capital need to shift,” said Natalie Levy, founder and CEO of She’s Independent. “It’s not just about investing in female-founded companies. Which is, of course, critical in and of itself. It’s about changing the makeup of those who are investing and those who are making decisions that impact organizations at the highest level.”

Levy’s depth of investing knowledge and experience spans Wall Street trading, angel investing and private equity. Her growth technology portfolio has experienced liquidity events across three of her first four investments with an average return >20X. In addition to her vast experience in the space, Levy’s unwavering drive to support women on their financial journeys was largely influenced by losing her mother to suicide in January 2019.

“Lack of financial confidence was one of the top stressors in my mom’s life coming out of her divorce. I believe it had a strong negative impact on her mental health,” said Levy. “We have women joining our group every day who are coming out of challenging situations and are taking their financial futures into their own hands. Many had never considered investment in private companies prior to hearing about us. The act of writing a check and making an investment into your future and into businesses and founders whose values align with yours is a deeply empowering and influential action. It truly creates a mindset shift that is incredibly powerful to see.”

Startups helped by She’s Independent’s Investments

In less than a year since its early 2022 launch, She’s Independent has deployed $550,000 in angel capital. Via syndications and through direct investments, it has helped more than 10 companies, including:

  • VECKTA, a green energy transformation marketplace.
  • Legends of Learning, a K-8 e-learning platform with an interesting play on the metaverse.
  • Kidcaboo, a children’s transportation solution.
  • CereHealth, a healthcare technology company specializing in the structuring and analysis of patient data with a focus on mental illness and suicide.
  • Loops, a marketing automation platform.
  • iDentical, personalized, drill-free dental implants.
  • EarthGrid, revolutionizing the construction of tunnels.
  • Lion Pose, clinical skincare for people of color.
  • Light Line, visible light inside catheters.
  • Taro, a premium membership community for career pathing and skill development for software developers.

“After our first face-to-face Zoom meeting, I was blown away by this group. They were bold and decisive in investment pursuits, trusted their guts, had a keen ability to assess metrics and the likelihood of an opportunity’s success. They weren’t at all afraid to engage in the right opportunities. Even when they were early,” said Rebecca Lock, founder and CEO of Kidcaboo. “More impressively, they were a newer group, but the members collectively and individually were on par with, if not more impressive than, top VC funds in their credibility, insight, pool of resources, investment knowledge and commitment to their founders and teams.”

The vision of She’s Independent

Beyond writing checks, She’s Independent focuses on demystifying the world of investing and getting more women into the investment ecosystem. It offers education, learning resources, mentorship and coaching. The group also runs a webinar series called She’s Independent Conversations, interviewing founders and investors making an impact in the startup world. Among partnerships with outside investors, women’s communities and organizations, there’s ACE Consulting. This Denver-based organization works tirelessly to provide training and connections that will get women in the boardroom.

“Our goal is to make education on angel investing widely available to women, make investing itself more accessible through our syndicate model, and get more women onto the cap table and into board seats,” Levy added. “We believe that shifting these power dynamics can ultimately build a more equitable, inclusive investing landscape. And ultimately, a healthier economy and society.”

About She’s Independent

She’s Independent is a women-first angel investment group offering an entirely new way to support women’s financial independence and influence through investing and board placements. As a member-led investment group, She’s Independent marries empowerment and action to close the power gap in investing by getting more women on the cap table, in the boardroom, and into positions of influence.

Within a year of launch, She’s Independent has welcomed more than 70 members across a variety of backgrounds — from C suite executives to small business owners to recent university graduates. Membership is available at a variety of levels, so whether someone wants to learn and observe or get involved in deal sourcing and check-writing, there’s a path available for everyone.

For more information or to get involved, go to or reach out to

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