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10 Must-See Websites for Women

We’ve carefully curated a list of ten incredible websites for women, by women to inspire, motivate and guide you on your journey towards being your best selves. Whether you hope to join the tech sphere, advocate for women in public service, expand your knowledge, learn how to practice radical self-love—or even more—these websites for women offer a wealth of valuable resources and tools. We know we’ll be revisiting these sites often on our journey to learn new skills and become better people. We hope you will too!

1. The Marginalian

The Marginalian is a blog run by one woman and one woman alone: Maria Popova. In it, she ruminates on all things science, art, philosophy and generally the lovely, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring things in life. By reading The Marginalian, you’ll explore thoughtful critiques on literature and fresh takes on old philosophers. The Marginalian is here to make you think, breathe and live life a little more fully.

2. Lean In

Lean In is an empowering hub that fosters inclusion, diversity and innovation in workspaces. This website gives women a guide to tackling bias in the workplace, honing their skills and lifting each other up. The Lean In website exposes you to a community of supportive and talented allies in the professional sphere.

3. Women in Public Service Project

The Women in Public Service Project, also known as the 50X50 Movement, is an initiative that envisions women holding 50 percent of the world’s public service leadership positions by 2050. The project aims to accelerate global progress toward women’s equal participation in policy and political leadership. Ultimately, they hope to create more dynamic and inclusive institutions.

4. The School of Self Love

If any of our articles on self-love have appealed to you, The School of Self Love is a must-see blog dedicated to promoting radical self-love for women. The website has been running since 2011. Since then, there have been many pieces giving women advice on how to accept themselves for who they are. Important, relevant topics range from how to banish self-criticism to escaping the self-imposed rules we set for ourselves.

5. Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code looks to close the gender gap in tech and foster a future generation of female engineers. It hosts summer camps, school clubs, college programs and even career programs to support women aiming to enter software engineering. As every sphere of our lives becomes more and more digitized, honing your coding skills with this supportive community can be a wise decision. Girls Who Code makes that step easy.

6. National Association of Women Business Owners

The National Association of Women Business Owners, or NAWBO, is an organization that provides events, educational resources and advocacy for women entrepreneurs. With far-reaching impact, NAWBO is a great resource where women can get their women-owned businesses certified, join chapters where they can find entrepreneurial communities and even be honored through the annual NAWBO Awards.

7. Women’s Media Center

At the Women’s Media Center, women’s issues take center stage. The journalism at the Women’s Media Center focuses on several different topics, ranging from sexual violence at work, advocacy for socially conscious teens, online harassment and how the climate crisis specifically affects women and people of color.

8. Women’s

Women’s is many women’s go-to source for all things health and wellness. The website helps women understand their reproductive rights, learn essential information about women’s health care, and get up to date about the many health issues and risks that women face in America today.

9. Well + Good

Well + Good is a website that takes on the topics of fitness, shopping, lifestyle, health and food from an empowering, female-led perspective. Its primary goal is to demystify the wellness space. Yet Well + Good also focuses on body positivity, mental health and a full life connecting to other people.

10. Women in Technology International

Women in Technology International, or WITI, is a resource for women to either grow as tech professionals or grow their technology organizations. The team at WITI hopes to break the glass ceiling in tech, focusing on empowering female tech leaders and women-led tech businesses to conquer the digital realm.

We hope you have an enriching and transformative experience as you navigate through each of the websites for women we’ve compiled. Enjoy!

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Jessica Zang

Jessica Zang is a student at the University of Chicago studying Economics and English Literature. At school, she writes columns for the newspaper, contributes to the fashion magazine and is part of the Women in Business organization. Outside of school, she loves reading, hiking, making her own lattes, exploring the city and any type of arts and crafts.

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