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Love Is In The Air (Self-Love That Is)

EDITOR'S NOTE - Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s essential that you maintain your own self-worth. Katelyn talks about self-love and happiness.

self loveEDITORS’ NOTE – The month of February has become synonymous with romance as hearts and cupids line store shelves. The experience has a tendency to make those in love that much more in love, the single gals that much lonelier and the struggling couples wondering if a bit of lingerie, chocolates and flowers will reignite the flame.

By nature we’re codependent creatures but whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s essential that as a professional female you maintain your own self-worth. We don’t need a partner to quantify our value within the personal or professional marketplaces and it’s about time we stopped thinking that we do. A personal partner doesn’t define us, the relationship merely enriches – or deters, depending on the health of the partnership – our life’s path and there are plenty of women out there whose confidence and self-worth have enabled them to succeed professionally.

The women featured in this month’s issue embody the spirit of entrepreneurism and know the value of their professional currency regardless of their relationship status. Lauren Gilchrist, 30, the subject of our cover story, is the cofounder of Hack’nJill, and also product manager at Pivotal Labs, a software development consulting firm. She began her career in book publishing, having graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English but realized her greatest passion was in the world of technology. She said she adopted a “fake it until I make it” approach to navigating her way through the industry and she’s certainly made it!

I encourage you to also explore our other features this month, which include the extraordinary work of Brittany Yates, founder of Brittany Love Consulting and the nonprofit Endless Dreams Foundation, as well as Neeta Tvelil, cofounder of Tottels, towels for tots, and Jacquelynn Stanley, cofounder of Bobbi-Toads, unique shoes for kids.

The bottom line is that we all have something to contribute to the marketplace, whether big or small, whether coupled or uncoupled. As my father once told me, professional success can be attributed to a simple philosophy: It’s about knowing what you want and having the courage to go after it!

Photo Courtesy of Mitya Ku [FLICKR]

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Katelyn Gendron

Katelyn Gendron is a native of New York, who is currently living and working as a newspaper editor in Western Massachusetts. She took the helm as Editor in Chief at Lioness in 2013, structuring a strong editorial calendar and securing well-known entrepreneur interviews. A SUNY grad, Katelyn is a world traveler who has documented her journeys for various publications spanning five of the seven continents (she plans to visit the remaining two during her lifetime), her motto: “Life’s a ball. Let’s play!”

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