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Readers Give Their Tips To Beat Boredom During Self-Isolation

We asked our readers to give us their best self-isolation tips to beat boredom, cabin fever or for self-care.

Here are a few of our favorite responses:

  1. Plan a spa day once a week. Take a Leisurely bath with bubbles, scented oils or Epsom salt,  a facial including a mask or microdermabrasion treatment, and don’t forget a Mani-Pedi. — Regina Swinney, Mary Kay
  2. My tip to beat boredom and cabin fever and to have some self-care would to be bored! What is wrong with being bored? We as females tend to think in order to be successful we must be busy all the time. Why not just be bored, not boring … In short, I think having some self-care is great — the pleasure of taking that spa bath or using Mr. Bubbles bubble bath, or just curling up and grabbing that book that you swore you would complete before now. — Rosemary Tracy Woods, Art for the Soul Gallery
  3. I’ve been staying on task and keeping a positive mindset by developing a new routine within our new norm! I still get up early, but I find that meditating before I start my day has been super helpful for keeping a positive mindset. Before I start my tasks for the day, I list several things I am grateful for during this pandemic to try and help me keep in mind that positive things are happening during this time. From there, I go on with my tasks and end the day with a walk with my dog. Fresh air always seems to do me good after a productive day! – Kelly Partridge, Contribution Clothing
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