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Pricing Your Services for Next-Level Growth: From Service Provider to CEO [Webinar Recording]

Setting a price point is never easy. Too low, and you risk undervaluing yourself; too high, and you may struggle to find customers or clients. It’s a delicate balancing act, and one that needs regular reevaluation. We’ve got just the thing to help you out! Start by watching our recent community event, “Pricing Your Services for Next-Level Growth: From Service Provider to CEO,” hosted by Kim Dawson. Learn how to find your ideal clients and communicate changes as you fill out a simple pricing formula. Attendees from all walks of business life came armed with some incredible questions about pricing for new markets and tax planning (and more!)

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned owner ready to change your prices, this presentation will bring some much-needed clarity to your financial decisions. Read on for more details AND for a link to our next Lioness networking event on July 11th!

About “Pricing Your Services for Next-Level Growth”

Pricing struggles aren’t just for the new and early-stage business owner… established entrepreneurs struggle as well. As your expertise grows, and you become busier with both client work and running your business, it becomes even more important that your pricing is where it needs to be to support you, your growing team and the future of your business.

This webinar covers THREE KEY STRATEGIES to help you determine how to price your services at any stage of growth, and how to successfully implement new prices; whether you are hiring your first employee, expanding your offerings or branching out to retain higher price-point clients.

After watching this webinar, you will walk away with:

  • A pricing formula you can use to determine your rates as your business grows.
  • An approach for aligning your pricing strategy with your business goals.
  • A strategy for implementing your new rates with current and future clients.

This presentation is ideal for…

Solopreneurs and small business owners who provide a service, have been in business for a few years and are ready to grow their business by either hiring employees/contractors or expanding into a higher price-point market. They are at a place in their business where they have consistent work but have found that they are not earning enough revenue (despite being so busy). They know that they need to consider increasing their prices, but they might be afraid of losing business. They’re considering working with a higher price-point market, so they can take on fewer clients while also increasing revenue. Or they need to delegate work to others, but they’re not sure how they can afford to do so.

About the presenter, Kim Dawson

Kim Dawson has been a business strategist since 2015, an accountant since college and an entrepreneur since the second grade. Kim’s journey includes owning a local health and fitness studio to co-founding a successful software startup. 

With over 20 years of experience, she helps small business owners increase profitability, improve cash flow and manage their businesses more efficiently, with less stress and more confidence and joy. Kim’s mission is to help solopreneurs and small business owners become financially independent while living fulfilling lives.

Kim is the host of The Sassy Strategist Podcast, and the author of Passion to Profits: Your Guide To Building a Successful Business You Love, which made the Amazon Bestseller list in 2018. Kim is currently working on her second book, scheduled to be released in 2024.

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