How To Stand Out From Your Competition

A much better way to get more customers and make more money is to create products and services that are VERY different and stand out from your competition.

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Segmentation Is Killing Your Brand: Five Reasons To Find Your Unicorn Customer

What unites your unicorn customers and creates a singular brand that is for a singular customer archetype? They will be your fastest path to cash.


How To Greet Walk-In Customers & Boost Sales

Want to boost sales and improve the experience in your retail establishment? It starts when your door opens. Storetraffic gives us a quick how-to video.


SkyDesktop And Simplifyd Aim To Improve Customer Relationships And Drive Sales

Simplifyd, all-in-one CRM software, has joined the SkyAppMarket, SkyDesktop’s business app marketplace.


Using Customer Development To Better Your Product Or Service

Use customer development to create targeted customer profiles to market to, the types of ways consumers like to shop and how to talk to your customer.


Using Market Research To Benchmark Your Position

Conducting market research is an underutilized tool to tapping into you audience’s needs, assessing your competitors and pivoting for success.


Women Are More Loyal To Brands Than Men

What keeps you going back to the brands you love? A recent survey asked consumers about their favorite brands and what they have done to make them loyal customers.


The Simplicity Of Evidence-Based Revenue Growth

Incorporating the customer into your strategic planning leads to a better product, customer development and, ultimately, revenue growth.


What Type Of Spender Is Your Customer?

What type of spender is your customer? Figuring out how your audience likes to spend can assist you in creating advertising that resonates with them.

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Lauren Gilchrist gives you the lowdown on tapping into your customers’ needs

Lauren Gilchrist has built a successful career focusing on an important element that often doesn’t get the same level of scrutiny as product – the customer.