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How To Greet Walk-In Customers & Boost Sales

Want to boost sales and improve the experience in your retail establishment? It starts when your door opens. Storetraffic gives us a quick how-to video.

Customer service goes a long way! The art of being friendly, problem-solving without complaining and delivering service as if the customer is valued is truly a dying art.

Now a days, it’s common for people to ask you if you even want a bag for your purchase (of course, we want a bag!).

We know many of you aspire to open retail locations, boutiques or expand and grow the ones you currently own. As the owner of the store, we know you aspire to pleasing your customers AND boosting sales. Selling starts when the customer first walks in. What’s the proper way to greet them? We reached out to Patrick Thuot, vice president of Storetraffic, a people traffic solution provider.

He told us two important things:

“Sixty percent of retail stores use ‘Can
I help you?’ most frequently – this does not work. When your employees say, ‘Can I help you?’ to customers they will often respond negatively by telling you that they’re ‘Just looking,'” Thuot said. “We deal with a lot of store owners so I thought it would be interesting to create a video on the importance of communicating effectively with customers when they enter your store.”

How to Greet Walk-In Customers & Boost Sales

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