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Negotiation Skills for Powerful Outcomes [Webinar Invitation]

Ever wish negotiation was less about guesswork and more about strategy? Register for our latest Lioness Community Event: Negotiation Skills for Powerful Outcomes featuring Heather Meeker Green. She will share research-informed elements of negotiation and the actionable strategies for success that you’ve been wanting. This free webinar is designed to empower women entrepreneurs, leaders and teams. Walk away with increased confidence and valuable information on the elements of negotiation

When: Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 12:00 – 1:00pm EST

Negotiation Skills for Powerful Outcomes

Negotiation is one of those skills that we aren’t usually taught, relying on winging it or intuition. However, research shows that when we prepare for negotiations, we can improve our results. As entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and employees, we have an opportunity to become more savvy, strategic, and confident negotiators for better outcomes. In this session, Heather will share some of the research, key elements to consider in negotiation, and effective planning approaches. She will use stories and examples and will close with some tips for elevating your negotiation game.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Obstacles and challenges to effective negotiation
  • The power of negotiation planning and preparation
  • Four critical components to prepare for negotiation success
  • Best practices for enhancing your negotiating game.
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About Heather Meeker Green

With thirty years of experience in the world of negotiation, influence, conflict resolution, communication, emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness, Heather Meeker Green has facilitated, mediated and trained a variety of public and private sector audiences, including most recently at Stanford University. She has delivered speaking engagements for Innovation Women and at national and regional conferences such as “Influencing Without Authority” at Macquarie’s Women’s Infrastructure Network, “Getting Great Agreements Internally” at the ATD Valley of the Sun IGNITE Conference and “Successful Conversations: Turning The TIDE, Connecting The DOTS” at The Northeast Regional PMI: Project Management Institute association event.

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Suzanne Drapeau

Suzanne Drapeau taught writing at the high school and college levels for 30 years and recently joined Carlton PR & Marketing. She spends her “free” time working/volunteering for the Hyperemesis Education and Research (HER) Foundation, where her main role is managing social media and building partnerships with other maternal health nonprofits. She lives in Michigan but hopes to become a digital nomad when her children finish their educations.

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