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Feeling pulled in all directions by life? Looking for calm in the chaos? Whether you’re seeking balance in your personal or business life, Braving the Elements Podcast with Tracy James is for you. Listen today and find inspiration on your journey to mindful and creative living.

What is the podcast about?

The Braving the Elements Podcast inspires and supports those committed to mindful and creative living. Join host Tracy James, Mindfulness and Life Balance Coach, as she shares meditations and conversations with thought leaders in business, the arts and spirituality. James explores the real journey of staying centered, mindful and inspired in dynamic times.

Why should people listen? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for all who feel the pressures and stresses of modern life and those seeking holistic tools and perspectives to support balanced living should tune in.

Featured episode – Deb Dana on Befriending Your Nervous System with Polyvagal Theory

As humans, our needs for connectedness and safety run deep. Painful experiences and trauma shape our nervous systems in ways that make it difficult to truly meet those needs. My guest on the podcast helps us navigate the complex terrain of the nervous system. Deb Dana is a clinician, consultant and author of programs and books including Anchored: How to Befriend Your Nervous System Using Polyvagal Theory. She is well known for translating Polyvagal Theory into a language and application that is both understandable and accessible. Join us as we explore ways to engage the nervous system for greater well-being, safety and connectedness.

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Tracy James works at the intersection of mindfulness, eco-psychology, flow/peak performance and somatic embodiment. She blends mystical, practical and research-based approaches to those seeking centeredness, creative flow and the fulfillment of their potential. She has two decades of experience facilitating transformational individual and group coaching and leading international tours and retreats.

James holds a B.A. in International Relations and an M.A. in Counseling with certifications in Life and Leadership Coaching and Breathwork. From her training with indigenous shamans in the Amazon jungle and with mystics from Nepal and India to her studies in psychology and the technologies of human transformation, James integrates ancient and modern approaches into the nature-based coaching methodology she terms Elemental Energetics™.

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