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Storytelling for Personal Growth: Your Podcast Companion

How do the stories we tell ourselves shape who we are? That’s the crux of Sarah Elkins’ podcast: Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will. Dive into this engaging personal growth podcast where Sarah and her guests showcase the power of storytelling to mold our identities and influence the trajectory of our lives.

What is the podcast about?

It’s not the things that happen in your life that define you that create your identity – it’s how you talk about those things. That’s the theme behind this podcast. Research shows that the stories you tell influence how you see yourself and how others perceive you, so it’s important to be intentional about which stories you share and how you share them. Guests on the podcast share the pivotal moments in their lives and careers, offering keen insights and “ah-ha” moments to listeners. Use the podcast to reflect on your memories, open up opportunities, uncover their own patterns and discover better ways to share your stories.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

If you’re a self-reflective person, uncovering the origin stories in your life that created damaging internal messages can be the key to recognizing patterns so you can shift them. Listening to my stories and those of my guests will help you identify your own origin stories to understand how to share them to be inspiring lessons as a hero, not a victim, giving you the tools to move past them and use those stories in interviews, public speaking and coaching/mentoring others. During this podcast, I’m asking you to listen and consider which stories in your life might have impacted you in a similar way.

Featured episode – Episode 270, Mindset Agility

Changing, growing, self-reflecting and adapting are integral parts of life. If we don’t hone these skills, we will inevitably miss out on the amazing opportunities life has to offer, whether it be a trip to a country you need to learn a language to explore or meeting new people and listening to their stories. Our agility and flexibility in any circumstance is what determines whether we grow or stagnate. In this episode, Sarah Elkins and Wendy Ryan discuss the importance of these skills and why exemplifying these traits can inspire others to follow a similar path that will make way for healthy, mindful habits.

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Sarah Elkins is a Gallup-certified StrengthsFinder coach, author, podcast host and storyteller. Her keynote presentations, workshops and coaching packages with in-person and remote teams and their leaders are known to address and reduce miscommunication – the most common cause of tension and stress in the workplace. Using storytelling as the medium, she guides conversations to ensure work relationships are based on knowing and valuing each other’s strengths and connecting with each other on the most basic level through story sharing and effective listening. Sarah Elkins is your guide to uncovering and sharing the right personal stories so leaders can clearly and effectively demonstrate their values and vision, building an army of walking ambassadors.

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