New Tool Hiver Allows Teams To Collaborate On Tasks, Sales, And Support – All From Inside Gmail

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Lioness Staff

New Tool Hiver Allows Teams To Collaborate On Tasks, Sales, And Support - All From Inside Gmail - Lioness MagazineEmail is an important part of any business, but it’s certainly not the most collaborative tool in the world. Discussing and managing projects with email often results in disjointed conversations where everyone is not on the same page.

That’s where Hiver comes into the picture as a collaboration tool that allows you to move important emails to a centralized and shared repository where it is easily available for later use.

It has four main features: shared Gmail labels, notes in email, the ability to create and share email templates and shared Gmail contact groups.

With the addition of shared labels, you’re able to not only keep your own work organized but also collaborate and assign tasks directly from Gmail. With shared contacts, sales and support become so much easier because everyone has access to the same contact list. With shared email templates, you will be able to embed the template into the email with just two clicks and then it can shared with your co-workers. With shared notes on emails, you will be able to keep track of what is going on in an email thread.

Hiver: Business uses

There are many ways you could use Hiver in your business:

  • Project Management –  All team members who have access to the particular project label can see all aspects of the project and know who is working on what task. They can also communicate with each other using shared notes to move the tasks along.
  • Customer Support – Create a main Customer Support label and share it with your customer support team. As customer emails come in you would (1) assign it the Customer Support label so the team can see the new inquiry and (2) create a second label to assign it to a specific team member. When the issue is resolved, that team member can mark it with the Complete label.
  • Sales Leads – Create a Sales Leads label and share it with your sales team. When a lead comes in you can then create a second label to assign a certain person to that lead.
  • Email delegation – Assign tasks to your EA or Virtual Assistant and track them easily with shared Gmail labels. If you want to delegate a particular task to your EA, add a “Task: EA” for that email, once your EA is done with the task, it can be changed to “Status: Done.” 

The ability to collaborate with shared Gmail labels, contacts, templates and notes makes it very useful for organizations who want to keep their project management simple without adding more tools and IT platforms.

Hiver simply super charges your Gmail into an even more useful tool.

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