Danish Startup Aims To Help Patients Reduce And Withdraw From Medication Addiction Safely - Lioness Magazine

Danish Startup Aims To Help Patients Reduce And Withdraw From Medication Addiction Safely

Rebound Pharmacy Withdrawal is the first app version of the program developed by previous patients in collaboration with specialists within the field of medicine and drug addiction. In the app they can measure, evaluate and track their well-being and daily withdrawal symptoms and keep a diary all in one place.

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Is Alice The New Siri For Entrepreneurs?

By Natasha Zena Alice is the business advisor who wants to help you grow your company. Natasha Zena catches up with Alice Founder Carolyn Rodz to learn about the new platform that is gaining buzz.

How To Use Voice-Operated Tech To Boost Productivity - Lioness Magazine

How To Use Voice-Operated Tech To Boost Productivity

The rise of voice-controlled digital assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Echo provides the tools you need to more effectively manage your workload, become more productive and reclaim more of your time each day.

Winners Of 3rd Annual Ada Lovelace Awards, Celebrating Women In Tech, Announced

Meet the four winners of the 3rd annual Ada Lovelace Awards, held at Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans on Oct. 13. These women and their amazing creations are on the forefront of possibilities in tech.

Innovators To Share How Disruptive Technologies Will Transform Society At 2017 Women In STEM Conference

Thought leaders and innovators to share straight talk including Ayasdi’s Sangeeta Chakraborty, Yvonne Wassenaar, CEO at Airware about the tech driven future.

Geek Girl Rising – The Book Turned Movement

With all of the barriers women in tech are facing, how do we change the narrative and provoke positive change? Geek Girl Rising is proposing a solution.

Chicago Incubator Launches New Program To Put More Women In Startup Boardrooms

Chicago healthcare incubator MATTER launches initiative last week to help place more female healthcare executives as independent board members of startup companies.

The Female Founders Of Revolar Are Aiming To Ward Off Sexual Assaults With The Push Of A Button

Revolar is a wearable device with a tiered alert system that can send your location, provide you with a virtual walk home and send out a customized red alert message. Founded in 2012, Revolar, a Spanish word meaning to “take flight again,” is an ode to survivors developed by the Florida native in Denver, Colorado after her sister became a victim of assault.

Pitch Investors Live App Connects Entrepreneurs And Investors In Front Of An Audience Using Live Video

App connects entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a reality with angel investors who are looking to find great new companies in which to invest.

Technovation Wants To Increase The Female Founders In Tech By Shaping Them In Their Youth

We talk to Technovation mentor Sara Schaer about her work with young girls and how the San Francisco-based program is helping the female founders of the future.