Lifehacks: Get The Most Out Of Webinars Without Sitting Through Them

This solution will allow you to get the most out of webinars, up to a dozen a week without sitting through a single one. Ladies, welcome to Fancy Hands.


The High Quit Rate Of Women In Tech – Women Are Fleeing At Twice The Rate Than Men

The quit rate of women in tech is concerningly high — 56 percent, which is twice the rate as that of men who leave their jobs at the peak of their careers. Meanwhile, a Reuters study found that more than a quarter of tech executives said their companies had no women at all in leadership positions.

Customer Returns (002)

The Impact Customer Returns Can Have Your Bottomline And What To Do About It

So what can you do to turn customer returns around at your retail establishment? Patrick Thuot, vice president of Storetraffic, stops by with solutions.


How To Stand Out From Your Competition

A much better way to get more customers and make more money is to create products and services that are VERY different and stand out from your competition.

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Lessons I Learned When Rebranding My Company

Rebranding is an intricate process, as CEO Traci Kenyon learned recently through her own experience. Today she’s sharing the valuable lessons she learned.

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Women In History Who Had An Amazing Public Relations Game

March is Women’s History Month and there are quite a few women, past and present with a stellar public relations game that we can all learn from. Dana Swinney PR takes you through a few.

Weekly Roundup 3

Weekly Round Up (March 20 – March 24): A Mashup Of Startup News & Advice For Female Entrepreneurs

Did you miss some startup news? We’ve got your back. Here’s a mashup of all of the Startup News & Advice female entrepreneurs should know weekly round up style:

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New York City Lobbying Firm Capalino+Company Creates Procurement App For Minority Business Owners

NEW YORK, NY – New app gives minorities and women business owners better access to city contracts through unprecedented bid matching technology.


Five Key Components To Monetize Your Data

The challenge most leaders face at this point is how to monetize their ocean of data. Learning how to monetize your data is a critical business asset.


7 Things To Remember When Creating Multiple Income Streams

More couples than ever before are asking for help to create multiple streams of income. Marlow and Chris Felton are giving you their seven tips.