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Weekly Round Up (July 25 – July 29): A Mashup of Startup News & Advice For Women

Did you miss a day or two of startup news this week? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a mashup of all of the Startup News & Advice you should know:


An Unparalleled Technique To Increase Sales – Be Specific

Are you losing sales you feel you deserve to win? Try this to increase sales and land the bigger fish you want to add to your portfolio.


Add Being A Mom To The Startup Mix And You May Feel You Are At Your Breaking Point

Being a mom is supposed to be rewarding experience. Here are some ways to avoid the stress and getting to your breaking point.

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How To Ask For A Sponsorship With Confidence

A potential sponsor has reached out to you. Check out these savvy tips on how to ask for sponsorship with confidence.


It’s A Competitive World. Chase Your Customer.

It’s a competitive world. Everywhere you look you have choices. McDonald’s or Burger King or Home Depot or Lowe’s. Why should your customer choose you?


Entrepreneurs Think All Of The Sacrifice Is Worth It

We love the nutty ride of building our businesses and setting our own schedules and at the end of the day, we think all of the sacrifice is worth it.


5 Reasons All Women Entrepreneurs Should Be Public Speakers

Public speaking has great advantages for women entrepreneurs. Angela Lussier, founder of Speaking School for Women, tells us why we should speak up.


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Alika Hope

Today we chat with performer, teacher and CEO Alika Hope of the Ray of Hope Project. Find out more about our Entrepreneur of the Day.

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Stop Sexist Sports Reporting, An Open Letter From Shawn Johnson

American gymnast and Olympian Shawn Johnson is tired of the negative commentary and body shaming of women athletes and she’s giving a piece of her mind.


Women Reported Launching Startups With Half The Cash Than Men

Women reported needing half as much funding to start companies as men. Are we more resourceful or do we have access to fewer resources for us?