What Your Meetings Say About Your Company’s Culture

By Jessica Higgins We know that meetings can be annoying, sure. But, meetings are one of the most important things that happen in your business when it comes to company culture.

How To Be A Rock Star Panelist - Lioness Magazine

How To Be A Rock Star Panelist

By Kim L. Clark Being on a panel is an excellent marketing technique and it can also be fun. There is an art to it, though, and if you want to be invited to participate a second time, make sure that you look good the first time. Here’s how to do it like a rock star.

How This Toddler Became The Impetus For Her Mother's Greeting Card Startup, LiziCards - Lioness Magazine

How This Toddler Became The Impetus For Her Mother’s Greeting Card Startup, LiziCards

By Evelyn Fiske BOSTON — Gyongyi Dalnoki is reinventing greeting cards with voice-recording and personal photos thanks to the birth of her daughter, the inspiration for LiziCards.

When Is A Compliment Insincere?

By P. Kim Bui What makes a compliment insincere in the workplace? Instead of just offering them for the sake of it, putting some thought into your words could have a positive impact on workplace morale. Here’s how to properly compliment an employee.

sanaia product review - lioness magazine

Product Review: Keisha Jeremie Puts A Delicious, High-End Spin On Applesauce With, sanaia

By Natasha Zena Natasha samples sanaia applesauce and becomes a believer in delicious things coming in tiny packages. Click to learn about the artisan applesauce that’s building buzz.

Entrepreneur Of The Day: Dr. Adair White-Johnson Gives The Power Of Voice To Those Who Were Once Silent

ATLANTA — Our Entrepreneur of the Day Dr. Adair White-Johnson gives the power of voice to those who were silent by teaching them how to turn their storms into stories.

Why A Loyalist Team Is The Best Kind Of Team To Build At Your Startup

To defy the odds of unself-awareness, work to create a Loyalist Team around you, people who trust you, support you and challenge you to be your best. The Trispective Group teaches us what to consider.

Bloomingdale’s Executive And Vogue Paris Editor Launch, ‘The Collective Child’

BROOKLYN, NY — The Collective Child, a monthly subscription service delivering hi-lo contemporary price points childrenswear to busy moms is poised to enter 2018 with a loyal following of successful working moms looking for a fast, efficient way to clothe their children without sacrificing style.

Poynter Announces Leadership Academy For Women In Digital Media Class And Expansion Of Program

The Poynter Institute, responding to an industry need for more training and development of women journalists, will expand its acclaimed leadership academies in 2018. The decision comes as the Institute announces those selected for the 2018 Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media — which had more than 600 applicants for 28 slots.

Does Faith Have A Place At Work?

By Priscilla Archangel How does faith play into the workplace? Some of today’s most successful CEOs believe that tapping into their faith is invaluable. We take a look at how some leaders exercise faith in the workplace.