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female entrepreneurship e1474645058194

Women Are Founding Companies At A Historic Rate

It is the time of the woman entrepreneur. Women are founding companies and shifting the business landscape like never before. See how things are changing.

How many women do you know that run a business? If you start to think about it, probably quite a few. There are women who lead small operations—say, an Etsy shop run out of their home. And then there are women who take the helm of bigger companies every day, from leading a law firm to running a manufacturing facility.

Women are founding companies at a historic rate.

The point is: Women as a percentage of business leaders are growing every day. They’re influencing more people, creating more jobs, and demonstrating the ability to grow and generate income. And it’s not a trend that’s isolated to the United States; globally, the number of female-led businesses continues to increase.

One need only look at some notable examples to find inspiration, especially in the types of businesses. Check out the examples in this graphic by USC Marshall as well as some of the most interesting statistics on this timely topic.

Women Are Founding Companies At A Historic Rate - Lioness Magazine

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