2017’s Best Small Cities To Start A Business

WalletHub has released the 2017’s Best Small Cities to Start a Business list. Did your city make the cut? Click to check the list and see where you rank.

The High Quit Rate Of Women In Tech – Women Are Fleeing At Twice The Rate Than Men

The quit rate of women in tech is concerningly high — 56 percent, which is twice the rate as that of men who leave their jobs at the peak of their careers. Meanwhile, a Reuters study found that more than a quarter of tech executives said their companies had no women at all in leadership positions.

Artificial Intelligence Will Kill 47 Percent Of Jobs In The Next 10 Years And Women Will Be Needed More Than Ever

Artificial intelligence will transform our economy and our work lives in the very near future and women could be the source of keeping us human.

Demand For Capital Has Hit A Four-Year High Despite Cautious Optimism For 2017

LOS ANGELES – Demand for capital jumped 13 percent from a year ago. However, access to capital has not kept pace with the growth of demand.

Whoopi And Maya: How Women Are Rocking The Cannabis Industry

Whoopi and Maya are the latest high-profile duo to join the $7.1 billion industry. Women are dominating the market as legalization spreads in the U.S.

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5 Tips To Find Diverse Candidates That Make Dollars And Sense

Why should you as a business owner care about choosing from a pool of diverse candidates when hiring? One CEO shares why it’s a no-brainer.

Young Women Say They Want To Work For Themselves Rather Than A Company

More than 30 percent of young American women, aged 18 to 35, want to be entrepreneurs and work for themselves instead of working for a company.

5 Top Risks Women Entrepreneurs Face

Here’s some research on the five top risks that impede growth for women-owned businesses – and some tips on how to overcome them.

Women Are Founding Companies At A Historic Rate

It is the time of the woman entrepreneur. Women are founding companies and shifting the business landscape like never before. See how things are changing.