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New Report: Women Make Up Just 13% Of Fortune 500 Tech Leadership

What are the odds of women making it to the helm of the Fortune 500 tech leadership? Frontier Business,  a digital provider for small businesses, wanted to know how many women make it from studying and working in tech-related fields to actually leading tech companies. Women hold nearly 52% of all management and professional-level jobs, so why doesn’t that number translate to one of the most lucrative industries of the modern age? 

Frontier Business decided to look at three distinct phases of a typical tech career using information gathered from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics — graduation from college with a tech degree, working in a tech-related job and becoming an executive in a big Fortune 500 tech company. 

Here are some of their findings:

  • Over the past 8 years, 18.82% of tech graduates have been female. In the 2016-2017 year, 20.34% of tech graduates were female. (more women going into tech fields?)
  • Over the past 8 years, 166,470 people graduated with a tech undergraduate degree in the United States with 31,334 of those being women. In the 2016-2017 school year, that number went up to 209,340 total graduates, 42,576 of which were female.
  • In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 5,656,000 total tech jobs in the US. 1,324, or 23.40%, of those were held by women. In contrast, females make up 46.9% of the workforce in general. That’s almost double the percentage of females in the tech field.
  • 39 technology companies made the Fortune 500 list in 2018. Apple came in the highest at #4 and NetApp the lowest at #495.
  • The tech company with the highest percentage of female executives was Booze Allen Hamilton with 55%, followed by eBay at 45%, CDW at 44%, Insight Enterprises at 43%, and Oracle at 42%. 
  • Four of the tech companies had no females in executive positions (as per our definition of executive position): Activision Blizzard, Amphenol, Sanmina, and ON Semiconductor.
  • Even in tech companies, not all executives have a tech degree. Some are business people, others over HR, some are legal or financial people. On average, 45% of the executives at each of these companies had tech backgrounds. The highest being Cisco systems with about 80% of executives having a tech degree and the lowest being Activision Blizzard with no executives with a tech degree to our knowledge. 
  • Of the tech company executives with a tech degree, very few are female. On average, only 10% of all executives at a tech company with a college degree in a technology field are female. 20 of the 39 companies we looked at had 0 female executives with a tech degree.

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