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Weekly Round Up (Sept. 5 – Sept. 9): A Mashup of Startup News & Advice For Women

Here’s a mashup of all of the Startup News & Advice you should know weekly round up style:

Weekly Round Up (Aug. 29 – Sept. 2): A Mashup of Startup News & Advice For Women - Lioness MagazineDid you miss a day or two of startup news this week? Did you forget some tips you wanted to implement at your startup? It happens. You’re out there trying to rule the world for crying out loud. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a mashup of all of the Startup News & Advice you should know weekly round up style:

Things To Add To Your To-Do List

1. Very few of us have received positive guidance on how to set authentic, inspiring goals and pursuing meaningless goals can be dangerous to our wellbeing. Here’s how to do authentic goal setting.

2. Small and medium-sized businesses with global aspirations have the opportunity to win $10,000 in export shipping with UPS. Here’s your chance to apply for the contest.

Things To Meditate On

1. You visit a prospective client, demonstrate your expertise by giving quality answers to their questions and then…nothing. You’ve just given free advice. Here’s what to say in order to stop giving free advice and walk away with your dignity.

2. What many people don’t realize is that for a minority and women-owned business to succeed, they have to overcome some common challenges. Here’s what women are facing and what we can do to overcome these obstacles.

3. Your personal brand can work in concert with the corporation’s brand, helping elevate both in the public’s eye. Your company’s reputation is tied to you.

What Your Peers Were Doing This Week

1. On Oct. 28, Twitter will host the Digital Citizenship Summit launch event for U.S. Media Literacy Week at their San Francisco headquarters. CNN’s Kelly Wallace to emcee.

2. On Oct.19 , artists from across the country will come together for SUPERFIERCE, a traveling art exhibit by female artists paying it forward.

3. Iconic tennis star Serena Williams and legendary boxer Muhammad Ali are the recipients of the esteemed 2016 Jesse Owens Awards.

Last But Not Least (some empowerment)

Never be afraid to ask for what you want. Don’t assume people know how to help you. When you’re clear about your needs and can communicate them to other people, you’ll be surprised at how many are willing to assist you or point you in the right direction.

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