Webinar Announcement – Scalable Marketing: Building Scalable Companies for High Valuation Exits

Welcome to Innovation Women® Speak! This is a bi-weekly webinar series hosted by our sister company, Innovation Women. They’re led by business experts and thought leaders across the platform—making them a perfect addition to a regular learning habit. We wanted to shine the spotlight on a topic that all startups care about: the art of scaling and promotion. Be sure to tune into “Scalable Marketing” and read on for more details!

Event details

  • Topic: Scalable Marketing: Building Scalable Companies for High Valuation Exits
  • Featuring: Tanaha Hairston
  • Time: June 29, 2022 | 12pm – 1pm EST
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About the talk

The webinar will center on utilizing digital commerce and understanding your customer’s journey to grow your business.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to create monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • How to scale your business
  • The journey to mapping exitable companies

Looking for something to tide you over until the 29th? Read Start Your Engines: Marketing is The Engine That Helps Your Startup Scale.

About the presenter, Tanaha Hairston

Tanaha Hairston is the founder of Axismeta. She’s a tech investor and business strategist who specializes in methods and tools to increase business valuation and lead generation. Over the span of 15 years as a serial entrepreneur, Hairston has started and sold multiple businesses in various industries including SaaS software, eLearning and consumer products.

Hairston helps investors and business owners to reduce the risk of failure and be consistently profitable while doubling the bottom line, without additional advertising, investment or hiring. Her proven strategies include incorporating a comprehensive digital strategy based on customer journey eCommerce principles, strategic acquisitions, AI and SOPs, all with the focus on communicating to convert.

About Innovation Women Speak!

Learn. Get inspired. No traffic or parking.

Innovation Women Speak! is a bi-weekly webinar series featuring Innovation Women speakers—developed with you in mind. These webinars are packed with useful and practical information to help you build your business and your brand—and advance your career. Additionally, they are a way to showcase Innovation Women speakers to event managers looking for potential speakers.

Innovation Women are experts on many different subjects—check out our schedule for upcoming webinars below and sit back, listen and learn. And recordings are available for past events as well.

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