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8 Essential Newsletters for Female Entrepreneurs

I’ll just say it: despite what marketing gurus claim, email is far from dead. It’s a constantly-updating treasure trove of useful information on business, economics, news, lifestyle—everything you need. If you’re anything like me, you might sign up for several dozen newsletters at a time and soon find your inbox flooded. So let’s trim this down to size! I asked female entrepreneurs for recommendations on the best business-related newsletters. These are the emails they open and learn from every day, all rounded up to help you find a perfect match.

Let’s dive in!

Welcome innovation – The Hustle

Zarina Bahadur, CEO & Founder, 123 Baby Box:

The Hustle is my top pick of newsletters for all business owners, including female entrepreneurs. It’s dedicated to delivering the latest updates on tech and business news to its subscribers. This newsletter will keep you updated on the stock market and about the latest startups from Silicon Valley.

The Hustle is a good option for female entrepreneurs who want newsletters purely for business purposes. A lot of other materials will throw in information that isn’t useful, and I don’t like to waste time filtering through the information I read. Hustle works well for me because of its pure, specific focus.

Master marketing techniques – HubSpot’s newsletter

Margo Fery, Founder, Margo Paige:

HubSpot has one of the most informative newsletters. The company offers a variety of insights with data to back up its suggestions. With everything from skill set development, financial guides and SEO tips, it’s been a great, free tool to help me grow my small business. If you’re a small business owner doing it all, this is the most up-to-date, accurate and helpful newsletter to subscribe to. Considering the insight they provide and the range of topics they cover to help you get to the next jumping point, I can’t recommend it enough.

Become a better boss – The Bent

Caitlin Rogers, Co-Owner & Chief Storytelling Officer, Next Day Animations:

The Bent is all about how to be a better boss. It’s an advice column filled with suggestions and ideas about the skills managers need, including clear communication, giving feedback and setting expectations.

Our leadership team all reads and frequently discusses The Bent. I’ve also used it as a resource by submitting questions when we’re feeling stuck in a situation.

A daily dose of business news – Morning Brew

Lindsey Payne, Founder, MindfulDay Planning:

Aside from simply being an enjoyable, easy read, the Morning Brew does a great job of touching on all aspects of the daily news, including politics, business, finances, pop culture and other fun anecdotes. They make all of these topics seem suddenly interesting, covering them succinctly and objectively. It’s a great way to keep up with general news and, more importantly, current trends so that you can make sure your business remains relevant.

An inside perspective on culture and female entrepreneurship – Nancy Lyon’s Newsletter

Caitlin Rogers, Co-Owner & Chief Storytelling Officer, Next Day Animations:

Nancy Lyon is the owner of the digital agency Clockwork, an author, a speaker and an inspiring leader. She candidly shares her own growth and what she’s doing and learning about, frequently related to social impact and authenticity. It’s compelling and well-written.

Lyon’s bold example helps me feel more confident as a female business owner who doesn’t fit the mold of what society expects of a business leader. The newsletter’s perfect for women looking to help their organizations thrive while staying true to themselves and their values.

Learn from industry mentors – The SCORE Association’s Newsletter

Katie Lyon, Co-Founder, Allegiance Flag Supply:

SCORE is a great resource for both male and female entrepreneurs. As an official Small Business Association partner, it’s a reliable resource for those starting enterprises. Their monthly newsletter allows you to read insights from top volunteers, mentors and business leaders all across the nation. They cover a wide range of business topics including e-books, infographics, blog posts and information about upcoming webinars. You’ll receive expert advice that you can apply to your own business, no matter what industry you’re in.

A bite-sized approach to the biggest stories  – theSkimm

Erin LaCkore, Founder, LaCkore Couture:

I would recommend theSkimm. It’s an extremely popular newsletter for women who want to stay informed about all the current trends on the go. theSkimm breaks down the latest and most important news stories into easily understandable language. The format is quick to read, and it’s filled with witty writing. It now also has a podcast, book and other online materials to help you learn. It’s all directed towards supporting professional women. 

Meet inspirational women leaders – ForbesWomen Newsletter

Kachelle Pratcher, PR & Media Consultant, K. Pratcher Media:

I would recommend the ForbesWomen Newsletter. Every week on Thursdays, they have a curated list of news and analysis about female entrepreneurs, leaders and investors. My favorite part of the newsletter is the ForbesWoman profile, which features a successful woman entrepreneur that turned their business into a successful company.

I would recommend it for all women entrepreneurs because the selection of stories is inspiring and motivational. The newsletter ends with a checklist to help you ace the week and make good business decisions. We all need an extra push to keep going and stay motivated. The newsletter gives my weekly dose of that just when I need it.

And since we’re on the subject—if you’re looking for a weekly collection of useful business tips and features on female entrepreneurs, we’re got the perfect suggestion. Subscribe to the Lioness newsletter and enjoy it every Friday morning! If you are looking to learn more about public speaking, sign up for the weekly newsletter from our parent company, Innovation Women. (It’s also chock full of belly laughs.)

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Laura Grant

As Managing Editor of Lioness, Laura Grant works with the editorial team and a slew of freelancers and regular contributors to produce a publication that offers equal parts inspiration and information. Laura is a graduate of Western New England University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master's degree in Communications. She spent her undergraduate term developing her writing and communication skills through internships, tutoring and student media involvement. Her goal is to publish a novel one day. Before joining Lioness full-time, Laura was a freelancer herself and wrote many stories for the magazine.

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