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Small Business Week: Simple Ways to Show Your Support to Business Owners [Free Checklist]

Small Business Week – April 28th to May 4th – is a time to celebrate the entrepreneurs in our communities. If you’re searching for ways to support your favorite small business, check out our curated list of practical options. Explore these ideas and give your favorite small business owners the boost they deserve! 

10 easy steps to celebrate small businesses:

  1. Shop locally: Rather than shopping from large corporations, consider purchasing products and services from small businesses. You can make a difference by purchasing handmade gifts, treating yourself to a spa experience at a small business or dining at a locally owned restaurant rather than chain establishments. 
  1. Attend local markets and fairs: Try visiting farmers’ markets, craft fairs and other community events to discover and support small businesses in your area.  
  1. Recommend a small business to your network: This is one of the easiest ways to spread the word and support a small business without spending any money! 
  1. Share their socials: If your local small business has social media, share their posts and engage. This is another easy way to show your support – it only takes a few minutes.  
  1. Give them a shoutout: A simple, yet effective way to spread the word. Share how a small business has made a difference in your life! 
  1. Leave a review: Giving positive feedback can boost the visibility and credibility of small businesses. 
  1. Offer a quick tip: Check out social and search for some business hashtags. Post a tip or see if you can answer someone’s question from your point of view as an entrepreneur (or a customer). SBW is the perfect time to share your knowledge with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them succeed! 
  1. Subscribe to newsletters: Stay connected with your favorite small businesses. Find their email newsletter and keep up to date to consistently show your support. 
  1. Purchase gift cards: If your favorite small businesses offer gift cards, this is an excellent way to give thoughtful gifts while supporting entrepreneurship. 
  1. Join loyalty programs: Enroll in programs offered by small businesses to earn rewards and discounts. Regular business can help build a loyal customer base. 

Looking for a checklist instead? Download it here!

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As Small Business Week approaches, let’s make a collective effort to empower our local entrepreneurs. By implementing simple yet effective and impactful ways to show support, we can contribute to small businesses’ success and our communities’ foundations. Let’s celebrate innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit around us. Remember, while this is a special time to champion small business owners, let’s prioritize supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs year-round! 

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