To Freebie Or Not To Freebie? That Is The Question.

It's every startups initial problem. You need to make money. You need customers. To freebie or not to freebie? This is how to do it right.

If You Need To Give Out Samples Or Free Work To Start, Think About This …

To Freebie Or Not To Freebie? That Is The Question. - Lioness MagazineThink of freebies as marketing. You wouldn’t just waste advertising dollars, so don’t waste product or services. Sometimes we need to do a few giveaways to test our product or gain experience. Don’t just pick random people. Use the following guidelines.

How To Decide Whether To Freebie Or Not To Freebie.

  • Pick someone who has some influence – both online and offline. You want some publicity off of a freebie. Ask them to hit their social media to talk about the product.
  • Get some photos of them with the product or with you.
  • Always get a testimonial.

Make It A Media Opportunity.

If you selected a handful of local or national well-known individuals to test your product, create some media buzz. How:

  • Invite everyone to your office, a cool space or live stream a kick-off (depending on your product or service) to sample or test the product. Invite the media to participate. Take your own photos for social media and future marketing efforts.
  • Shoot a two-minute video that features the product or service and your freebie ambassadors.
  • Create a contest that incorporates the freebies and pushes engagement from the public.
  • Write a press release, including quotes from your freebie ambassadors and get it in the hands of reporters always looking to write about fresh, innovative happenings.

What are some strategies you would add? How do you decide when to give and when to decline? Share your experience with us and your startup sisters in the comment section below.

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