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The Art of Negotiation: Key Takeaways for Powerful Outcomes [Webinar Recording]

Are you earning what you’re worth? With our pervasive pay gap, women everywhere – from corporate workers to entrepreneurs – need to learn the art of masterful negotiation. Our recent community event tackled the problem head-on. Led by negotiation expert Heather Meeker Green, “Negotiation Skills for Powerful Outcomes” equipped attendees with strategies to assert themselves and forge mutually beneficial agreements.

Of course, negotiating isn’t always intuitive; women historically under-negotiate their salaries, and you may struggle to name a better price when working with a client. When we asked the audience to rate their negotiation skills, most felt somewhat uncertain – and no one could answer with a 10, or perfect confidence.

It’s time to do your research, understand your value and express yourself clearly.

Meeker Green’s negotiation checklist for powerful outcomes:

  1. Play to collaborative strengths, using listening, interest development and relationship-building skills. Come in as calm, balanced, curious and confident as you can. Bring a positive attitude.
  2. Prepare before you negotiate.
    • Know what is important to you and consider their interests
    • Have in mind multiple creative options and set high expectations and starting target and bottom lines.
    • Do your research and consider what criteria, standards, and principles will be perceived as persuasive and fair for legitimacy
    • Understand your BATNA (best alternative to negotiated agreement) and strengthen it by having another offer from elsewhere if you can; estimate theirs
    • Practice with someone before the actual conversation.
  3. Treat the negotiation conversation as a joint problem-solving opportunity.
    • Ask questions and spend time listening and understanding to uncover interests rather than only telling and persuading
    • Brainstorm solutions before evaluating them or committing
    • Trade value for value, asking for something when giving something up
  4. Focus on the substance, relationship, and process throughout the negotiation.

If you’re eager to dive deeper into collaboration, active listening and other negotiation skills, don’t miss the full interview! There’s much to learn about effective techniques and how to secure what you deserve.

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