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Book of the Week – Sound Is Not Enough: The Art of Captioning for Universal Access

Are you ready to increase your audience tenfold? We have the solution, and it’s captioning. In “Sound Is Not Enough: The Art of Captioning for Universal Access,” NYC-based B2B accessibility strategy consultant Svetlana Kouznetsova will show you how to capture these new viewers and take your audience to a new—and more diverse—level.

What is your book about?

Do you want to expand the reach for your podcasts, videos and live events? Provide quality captioning to communicate with people who can’t hear you. Captioning—converting audio content into text and displaying that text on a screen or monitor—will help you reach people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, an audience currently estimated at 466 million worldwide. Captioning also prevents your message from being missed or misunderstood because of other barriers, such as background noise, mumbling or accented speech.

In the second edition of Sound Is Not Enough: The Art of Captioning for Universal Access, Kouznetsova guides you through the process of adding captioning to your communications so that you can go beyond meeting accessibility mandates. The book dispels common myths about deaf and hard-of-hearing people, describes the author’s experiences with deafness and provides examples of quality captioning. The book focuses on speech-to-text translation because of its broader application.

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Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

This book primarily targets business executives, media producers, event organizers, educators and employers. It will help hearing people see the world through the author’s eyes as an experienced deaf consultant and will help readers better understand how to improve communication and information access via high-quality captioning and transcription. The book includes a mixture of personal and professional experiences, summaries of case studies and general examples of speech-to-text best practices.

The goal of this book is to help your business learn why it is important to make your aural content look professional and easy to access via text. While there are more people interested in improving access for deaf people, many don’t know how to do it in a way that truly is of benefit to the audience in mind. This book will answer all those questions.

Single most important takeaway:

High-quality, same-language captions and transcripts are good for your business and a necessity for millions of people.

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Meet the author

Svetlana Kouznetsova is a B2B accessibility consultant and trailblazer based in the NYC area. Kouznetsova helps businesses make their mainstream web, media and events more accessible to the world’s largest minority of 1.85 billion disabled people. She is also the founder of Audio Accessibility and provides consultation on improving communication and information access to 466 million of deaf and hard-of-hearing people worldwide. Kouznetsova is a book author and an international speaker. She has an MS degree in Internet Technology and over 20 years of experience in design, technology, and accessibility. Kouznetsova’s combination of personal experience with deafness and professional expertise in accessibility offers people valuable insight into the importance of accessibility.

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