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Book of the Week – Building Business Capacity: How Continuous Improvement Yields Exponential Growth

Change your future for the better by growing a small business fraction by fraction. “Building Small Business Capacity: How Continuous Improvement Yields Exponential Growth” by author, speaker and Fractional COO Sheryl Hardin provides a roadmap to help entrepreneurs achieve exponential growth through constant improvement. Learn to own your business and avoid having your business own you. Leverage proven best practices are used to guide businesses for decades. Walk through useful exercises, checklists, questionnaires, forms, and templates designed to help entrepreneurs like you gain clarity into the most essential aspects of successfully doing business because you deserve success.

What is your book about?

Too many business books talk about why to go into business. Some may even tell you what you should do once you start. However, too few answer the question of how to run your business while growing capacity. As it turns out, there is a secret to success.

Proven best practices are best practices for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you run a 10-person business or a 10,000-person conglomerate. Adhering to best practices creates the infrastructure and environment necessary to grow capacity and be successful. Building Small Business Capacity allows you to take advantage of strategies and tools you can integrate into your business today to run it more efficiently and effectively starting tomorrow.

Topics include:

  1. Answering the 5 Essential Questions: Who are You to be a Business Owner? Why be an Owner? What Do You Do? Where Should You Do What You Do? How Can You Thrive?
  2. Building Strong Teams
  3. Uncovering Growth Options
  4. Utilizing Business Life Cycles
  5. Using the Opportunity Development Life Cycle
  6. Managing Change Without Chaos
  7. Managing Your Changing Team
  8. Maintaining Your Business

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

If you are a professional who owns or plans to operate a small to midsize business, you will find this book helpful. The truth is people start businesses without business degrees. Even if you went to college, most universities do not require business courses for future professionals. Business owners are good at what they do but that doesn’t mean they are good at every area of business. Who is? If you are looking for skills before theory you will appreciate the practical and useful advice included. Who doesn’t want advice you can implement immediately? Practical questionnaires, checklists and exercises throughout the book help you apply new knowledge and skills right away. Building Business Capacity can be read and absorbed now but then easily referred back to later as well. This book is a useful tool for determining your own entrepreneurial future. Start today.

Single most important takeaway:

No one knows EVERYTHING about running a business. You are an expert at what you do and that is all you need to start. You can learn the rest.

Meet the author

Sheryl Hardin Blue 2022 03 31 051546 Sheryl Hardin

Sheryl Hardin is an author and speaker with a passion for Organizational Change Management (OCM) and continuous process improvement. She is also an entrepreneur consulting as a Fraction COO and Founder of Capacity Squared (C2). She enjoys assisting companies as they create a business strategy, manage change, prepare for rapid growth, govern strategic projects and improve processes. Often, she can be found speaking and consulting as a national speaker, seminar leader, adjunct faculty instructor and business advisor.

Hardin uses carefully planned operational analysis and process improvement strategies that inspire organizational best practices. Hardin focuses on quelling the chaos that comes from infrastructures that are not properly sized to support an organization and operations that do not support best practices. Her special skill is finding the pieces of the puzzle that support rapid change while consulting with companies in a wide variety of industries. Her writing is inspired by real business experience that includes organization-impacting activities that guide success.

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