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Book of the Week – Life Skills for the Journey

You have a pivotal role in elevating your personal growth. You can’t sit around and wait for change! We use life skills for personal and professional growth at every phase of our development so that we may live life to the fullest. In “Life Skills for the Journey: Identify Essential Life Skills That Matter with 5 Successful Approaches,” Gloria Sloan unearths insights to turn your everyday habits into treasured life skills.

What is your book about?

Life Skills for the Journey is an inspiring book of truths and strategies with insights to find wholeness, fulfillment and personal growth. It is an empowering self-help guide with intellectual and revelatory teachings that will benefit individuals spiritually, mentally and physically. Each lesson is varied, detailed and in-depth, revealing practical and life-changing ways of achieving life skills to improve various aspects essential to life.

There are five successful approaches in the book aimed at improving an individual’s ability for self-development and transformation.

  1. Getting to know yourself better
  2. Telling your story to reveal your true self
  3. How to identify and master your best skills
  4. Why knowing the power of your values is important
  5. Surrounding yourself with a community of influencers to engage authentically on your journey

Topics include:

  • Part 1: Keep Living and Keep Learning
  • Part 2: Life’s Got Skills
  • Part 3: Step Up Your Journey
  • Part 4: Essential Life Skills That Matter
  • Part 5: Pockets of Inspiration for the Journey

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Good uses and target markets for this book:

  • Techniques for self-directing knowledge to identify capabilities and skill proficiencies
  • High achievers who desire significant accomplishments that add value to their endeavors
  • Lifelong learners who seek a path to expand personal and professional growth
  • Navigating personal development skills to optimize productivity and life transformations.
  • Review of life planning and assessments, life shifts, habits, values and spiritual living.

A sample review:

“Gloria Sloan has done it again! In her second book, Life Skills for the Journey, Gloria takes the reader on a path to greater self-awareness and fulfillment. She offers excellent exercises, life lessons and coaching moments throughout to make her concepts come alive. Highly recommended!” — Cathy Fyock, Author, The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches

GloriaSloanAuthorPhoto.3.22jpg 5 Gloria Sloan

Meet the author

Gloria Sloan, CEO of Personal Dynamics, Inc. is an author, certified life coach, strategist and speaker with forty years of business management, workforce development training and hospitality procurement proficiency. She works with organizations, groups and individuals in planning, consulting and implementing successful outcomes. The inspiration and essence of her published work focuses on personal growth and fulfillment. She demonstrates and mentors passionately a belief that self-directing life skills and learning supports a strong foundation for heightened performance, empowerment and transformation.

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