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Book of the Week – How to Navigate Premium Experiences with Confidence

Success in the social world leads to closing deals in the business world. Gain the valuable tools you need to excel in both worlds. In Tia Young’s “How to Navigate Premium Experiences with Confidence: Your Guide to Social Success,” you will learn how to confidently excel in upscale social and professional settings. This book is ideal for emerging leaders, social shapers and everyday people who are climbing the ladder of social and business success.

What is your book about?

Tia and her husband Victor have been blessed to have luxury and premium experiences during their 22 years of marriage. During those first few awkward years, as they were climbing the ladder to success, they had to learn how to interact with confidence in any personal or professional setting. That’s exactly what Tia wants to share with the readers of her book: to navigate premium settings with confidence. While traveling around the world as an international flight attendant for 14 years, Tia realized that many people lacked basic social skills and good manners. She wanted to help make the world a nicer place to live. Now, 20 years later, Tia has trained over 10,000 clients of all ages. She is proud of her first etiquette book, “How to Navigate Premium Experiences with Confidence: Your Guide to Social Success.”

Chapters include:

  1. General Rules
  2. Family Gatherings
  3. Wedding Etiquette
  4. Golf Course/Country Club
  5. Travel Etiquette
  6. Cruise Ship/Yacht Etiquette
  7. Art Gallery Etiquette
  8. Dining Etiquette
  9. Sports Etiquette
  10. Theater Etiquette
  11. Resort/Hotel Etiquette
  12. Executive Business Etiquette

Meet the author

Tia Young is the Founder of Tia Young Image and Etiquette, LLC. She has been teaching business etiquette and social skills for over 20 years. She serves as the National President of the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals. Young is the published author of “How to Navigate Premium Experiences with Confidence: Your Guide to Social Success.” She is also the Host of the “Normal to Formal” Podcast. Young is a TEDx Speaker. Her presentation was recorded in 2022, entitled “Etiquette, the lost ART”. She is also excited to serve as a Speaker Coach for TEDx Youth in 2023. Young has been married to Victor for 22 years. They share the joy of 3 adult daughters and 2 granddaughters.

To see our coverage of her podcast “Normal to Formal,” be sure to click here.

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