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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Normal to Formal

As you work on growing your business, don’t forget about developing your professional image, too. The “Normal to Formal” podcast is here to teach you all of the unspoken social etiquette you need to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. Hosted by Tia Young, CEO of Tia Young Image and Etiquette, each episode dives into a particular topic for your continual self-improvement.

What is the podcast about?

Normal to Formal is a podcast created to increase your personal and professional earning potential. Everyone can polish their social skills and grow by listening.

Weekly episodes are hosted by Tia Young, Founder of Tia Young Image and Etiquette. Young is a published author of “How to Navigate Premium Experiences with Confidence. Your Guide to Social Success”. She is also a certified John Maxwell Mentor and a BNI (Business Network International) Support Director.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for anyone who desires to increase their social skills for success.

Featured episode – My TEDx Speaker Selection Process

Listen to “My TEDx Speaker Selection Process. Episode 29” on Spreaker.

In this episode, I share my six-month journey from the application process to the TEDx Stage. Many people have asked me what I did to get selected and what the process is to become a speaker. So, I decided to share my process and experiences along the way.

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Tia Young is the Founder of Tia Young Image and Etiquette, LLC. She has been teaching etiquette for over 20 years. She also enjoyed her roles as an international flight attendant and trainer, 2nd grade teacher, modeling coach and Ms. Mompreneur Queen. Young is a graduate of the University of Florida with a BA in Communication Studies. She is the published author of “How to Navigate Premium Experiences with Confidence. Your Guide to Social Success.” She is also the Host of “Normal to Formal” Podcast. She is excited about the release of her recent TEDx Talk on YouTube! It is entitled “Etiquette, the lost ART”. Young was also selected to serve as a TEDx Youth Coach for an upcoming TEDx event in 2023.

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