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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Changemakers World

We all want to leave the world a better place than we found it. But how can you achieve this with your business? How can you balance your personal and professional goals? Law professor Alina Boyte, Founder and CEO of the Changemaker Institute, tackles how you can make a social impact on her Changemakers World podcast.

What is the podcast about?

The Changemakers World podcast is a podcast for busy professionals on leading and living from the heart while creating a positive impact on society.

Every episode provides practical guidance and inspiration to new, emerging, and established social impact businesses. The goal is to help them master impact-creation and profits while taking care of themselves and the people they love. With each episode, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a social impact mission.
  • Integrate it into your business model.
  • Build an authentic brand.
  • Design products and services that sell and improve lives.
  • In the spirit of the Heart-Centered Life, lead and live from your heart.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

Changemakers World is for socially and environmentally conscious businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s for those who want to learn how to create and increase business value by having a social impact program. People should listen to the podcast because it covers the many aspects of social impact, from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to using the theory of change to plan your social impact strategy and activities. You can describe your business in such a way that you attract the right partners, promotors and purchasers and make your business more valuable. It also covers personal health and well-being, which is very important to success as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Featured episode: The State of the Social Impact Space

The state of the social impact space is ever-changing and evolving. When I spoke to Paul two years ago about social impact, we were at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and could not have envisaged the impact the pandemic would have on people’s priorities, outlook, and choices. These changes affected markets of all sorts—from capital to commodities to professional services and travel—as consumer behavior and buying decisions morphed with the impact of a global health crisis.

We are two years into the pandemic and hopefully on the tail end with international borders opening up. It’s in this context that Paul and I speak again about the state of the social impact space, but this time, with the hindsight of how the pandemic has changed people’s outlook and influenced their desire for more equity and transparency in the workplace and corporations that are more socially responsible and concerned.

Personal well-being has taken center stage as more and more people prioritize family and loved ones over endless work hours and being in perpetual motion on the metaphorical hamster’s wheel. Paul’s insights are spot-on. Companies, if they are to thrive in this day and age, must care about their impact on their communities, on society, and on the environment.

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Alina Boyte is a social impact educator and intellectual property strategist. Her background is in law—graduating from Stanford Law with a Ph.D. in copyright law and history, as well as the Universities of Cambridge and London for her Masters and Bachelors of Law. Her career path took her to the Multimedia Development Corporation as a Senior Executive advising the Malaysian government on cyberlaw and intellectual property matters. She’s worked as a research assistant at Stanford Law and is now a tenured law professor at Mississippi College Law. Today, established businesses and entrepreneurs hire her to reveal the hidden impact of their business and help them bridge the gap between profit goals and a social impact mission.

Do you also want your company to make an impact? The first step is to check your Corporate Social Responsibility!

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