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She Leads Now guides you through the impact you can have in the world as a roaring lioness. You are a natural leader who feels fulfilled in her professional and personal life. So, how can you be your best self? What’s your strategy for success? Sabine Gedeon, CEO of Gedeon Enterprises, will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need for becoming the best version of yourself.

What is the podcast about?

As natural leaders, we have a responsibility to continually develop our skills and gifts so we can serve as courageous and influential leaders. She Leads Now helps women grow and thrive as courageous leaders in all aspects of life. This podcast is for you: if you know that there’s more to you, your life and your career. You’re tired of holding yourself back and want to break free from the chains of fear self-doubt and overthinking.

Tune in weekly for tips, tools and strategies to establish a success mindset, develop your own winning strategies, build collaborative relationships and take bold actions toward creating the impact and fulfillment that you want in your life and career.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for you if you are a woman in leadership and you’re ready to step into being who you really are and create the impact you wish to make.

Featured episode – Ep. 001 Introducing She Leads Now

Welcome to the She Leads Now Podcast! The show helps career and entrepreneurial women:

  • Gain the tools to develop a success mindset.
  • Create winning strategies.
  • Build collaborative relationships.
  • Take bold actions towards creating impact and fulfillment in their lives and careers.
Sabine Gedeon headshot Sabine Gedeon


Sabine Gedeon is the Founder and CEO of Gedeon Enterprises, LLC, a professional development and training firm. Her company supports the discovery, education and emergence of confident and courageous leaders across the globe.

She helps impact-driven leaders upskill their leadership capabilities so they can cultivate organizations and teams that support their business strategy and growth objectives. With a human-centered approach to leadership development, her services support the rapid shifts in society requiring leadership that is authentic, morally inclined to address the needs of their fellow citizens and willing to challenge the status quo to initiate change within their respective sphere of influence.

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