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Offline Sales Conversions Still Trump Online Sales Conversions

About 96 percent of your website visitors aren’t buying from you. The odds of conversion in person are better. Why? And how can we turn the odds of online sales in your favor? Kim L. Clark sheds some light on online sales conversions.

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Lean The F*ck Out, Episode 50 — Everest and Company Founder Ashley Wilson Talks Launching An E-commerce Business

Wilson talks about how she used Snapchat in partnership with a local launch party to kickoff Everest and Company and dishes on running an e-commerce business. Plus. Lean The F*ck Out celebrates its 50th episode!

Entrepreneur Of The Day: Yang Yang, AMI Clubwear

Yang Yang has been running Dese Enterprise, which owns AMI Clubwear, since it was founded in 2004 via eBay. Listen to her story as Entrepreneur of the Day.

Industry Trends: E-Commerce Continues To Transform Retail

The impact of e-commerce on distribution networks remains fascinating. As e-commerce continues to grow it will only become more complex.

The Needs Of A Retail Focused Website

In 1991, e-commerce was truly unleashed on the web, causing the retail industry to experience an unprecedented breakthrough. Since then, e-commerce has skyrocketed and retail has continued to expand as innovations in mobile technology strengthen the bond between retailer and consumer. Obviously, selling is the core function of all retail businesses; however, sometimes doing so can be challenging.

Mompreneur proves that Pure E-commerce can profit

With just $7,000 on a credit card and her kitchen table, Jennifer Varner put together an online maternity clothing company that in just one month brought in $7,000 in sales; a year later that same month brought in $100,000 in sales.