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Women Entrepreneurs Launch E-Commerce Marketplace for Black-Owned Businesses

HellaBlack, social e-commerce designed to scale Black-owned businesses, officially launched.

Three Black female entrepreneurs recently launched HellaBlack, an e-commerce marketplace for Black-owned businesses. To celebrate, HellaBlack hosted an Instagram Live launch party via @shophellablack on Tuesday, May 18.

Helping Black-owned businesses thrive

HellaBlack is a community-curated marketplace that showcases and celebrates Black-owned businesses. Highly sought after by conscious consumers, HellaBlack disrupts the status quo and redefines the meaning of being “HellaBlack.” The marketplace is powered by a savvy collective of business operations and digital marketing experts. HellaBlack systematically drives revenue and global brand influence across digital platforms. It is the premier retail shopping experience where you can easily discover your favorite Black businesses, no matter the product you are seeking. 

Retail categories include:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Kids
  • Fabrics
  • Celebrations
  • Beauty
  • Home
  • Art

A hub for entrepreneurs

HellaBlack founders Layla Nielson, Natalie Robinson and Love-leigh Trimiew understand the importance of legacy. They are the daughters of Ethiopian immigrant twin sisters who owned the legendary Twins Jazz club in Washington, D.C. Growing up in a household of passionate female entrepreneurs ignited their relentless pursuit to empower other entrepreneurs to ultimately strengthen Black families. “I want companies, families and organizations to thrive in our community and produce generational wealth,” says HellaBlack founder, Love-Leigh Trimiew.

Above all, HellaBlack is an enterprise leading a movement that recognizes, respects and reinvests in Black communities with each purchase. Two percent of all platform sales are given to organizations that share the mission of strengthening local economies and generating unprecedented wealth within underserved Black communities. The giveback also goes beyond monetary investments. The HellaRich Business Education Resource Hub propels Black business owners to greater levels of excellence and efficiency. Designed by industry experts, “The Hub” comprises a curated curriculum, tools and resources with topics ranging from social media management, customer service and retention, product and service pricing strategies, shipping essentials and much more. “An effective digital marketing strategy can open up new revenue streams. The hub is our community’s secret weapon to capturing market share and scaling,” says Layla Nielsen, co-founder and CMO.

For more information on how you can become a HellaBlack retailer, strategic partner or sponsor, visit or email Also, be sure to follow HellaBlack on social media at @shophellablack.

About Hellablack

Social e-commerce, empowering Black-owned small businesses and culture-conscious consumers. is a community-curated, online marketplace for Black-owned enthusiasts and brands. HellaBlack’s mission is to create a one-stop destination to find quality Black-owned products with a focus on and appreciation for sought-after brands and products from around the Diaspora. Shop HellaBlack to find an array of niche product lines and classic staples, or become a seller and expose your brand visibility to thousands of consumers looking for Black-owned products. Shopping Black, in turn, supports Black families, creates more jobs and strengthens communities — all things that build economic strength and celebrate the richness of Black culture.

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