Lean The F*ck Out, Episode 50 — Everest and Company Founder Ashley Wilson Talks Launching An E-commerce Business

Posted on December 22, 2017 by Lean The F*ck Out

Everest and Company - Lioness Magazine

Celebrating our 50th Episode!

In this episode we talk with Ashley Wilson Founder of Everest and Company about how she launched her online boutique e-commerce business after spending several years working in the music industry. Ashley talks about how she used social media (Snapchat in particular) in partnership with a local launch party to kickoff the company.  Ashley also talks about tools like Shopify, that she uses on a daily basis, and shares a bit of her social media strategy. Lots of great info for fempreneurs and in particular those launching e-commerce businesses.

Episode Highlights

  • Understanding your target audience and finding out they may be broader than you expect
  • Maximizing social media and Snapchat filters during a launch party
  • Tools to run an e-commerce business like Shopify, Mailchimp and social media
  • The unique challenges of an online only boutique


Ashley has been generous enough to offer our listeners a 15% discount on your order. Just use the promo code LEANOUT at https://www.everestandcompany.com/.

Ashley Wilson

Ashley WilsonAshley Wilson is a millennial entrepreneur based out of Nashville, Tenn. who is constantly seeking out her dreams. After spending several years working in the music industry, Ashley decided to take the marketing tactics she learned and start her own business. Her love of branding and always wanting to support the women around her made her decide to open a women’s online boutique called Everest & Co. Through Everest & Co., Ashley helps women find confidence from within and clothes they can run the world in.

Follow Ashley online at:

Website: www.everestandcompany.com
Instagram: @everestandcompany
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shopeverestandcompany

About Lean The F*ck Out

Lean the F*ck Out is a podcast conversation among women entrepreneurs who are creating their own way of living and working. The show is unapologetically for and about women who are leaning out of the constraints of the traditional corporate 9 to 5 to create a life that feels right. Join us.

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