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First Professional Women’s Football Organization, WFLA, Hosts Draft

The Women’s Football League Association (WFLA) is expected to launch and be fully funded by August 2020 with 32 teams and two conferences. The WFLA will host their first draft on Aug. 31 at the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas and announces the first-ever WFWC (Women’s Football Western Conference) and WFEC (Women’s Eastern Football Conference).

The WFLA is the first and only Professional Women’s Football Organization to execute and organize the Women’s Football Sport their own way. As a result, the WFLA makes history in offering the 1st ever multi-million dollar contract to Women’s Football Athletes, continuing its streak of firsts as it prepares to select from 31 of the female athlete participants in their first-ever professional women’s football draft.

First Draft Invitees

  1. Paige Robinson
  2. Priscilla Gardner
  3. Suzanne Linn
  4. Jordan Munford
  5. Gabriela Johnson
  6. Christina Shelby
  7. Erika Collins
  8. Dawna Zike
  9. Irish Jones-Iriarte
  10. GiGi Cortez
  11. Fuyuki Hamaguchi
  12. Michele Kenney
  13. Kris Brannon
  14. Samia Jones
  15. Lexi Dimeo
  16. Lanika Manning
  17. Jamie Robinson
  18. Tonette Zoutomou
  19. Lauren Davis
  20. Melissa Strother
  21. Sonfre Roberson
  22. Mercedes Tyler
  23. Eboni Chambers
  24. Tiyauna Anderson
  25. Adriana Gutierre
  26. Jermerica Boykin
  27. Kenetha Jacobs
  28. Kimberly Brown
  29. SharQuayla Baker
  30. Briana Gorrell
  31. Opal McCain

The Playoff Structure for the  WFLA consist of 32 Teams, two Conferences, and eight Divisions and includes a Bronze Cup for Round 1, Silver Division for Round 2, Gold Conference for Round 3, and finally the Diamond Bowl Championship.

Lupe Rose is the Founder and CEO of SHE Beverage Company, The SHE Brand and the WFLA partner to five of the 32 teams, including the following three: Los Angeles Fames, the Las Vegas Devils and the San Francisco Cranes. During a recent scouting combine and jamboree held in Carson, Calif. “We’ve had hundreds of athletes here to showcase their skills, and some have flown in from around the world; as far away as Australia — that’s the drive we are looking for in our athletes,” Rose states. “It feels really good to have so many participants come out ready to make herstory as part of the WFLA.”

Many of these female athletes have been dreaming of the chance to play the game professionally since they were young girls. Paige Robinson’s mother didn’t allow her to play football growing up, no matter how much she loved the game. Robinson wants people to see the variety of talent she possesses and stand out for her incredible speed.

Christina Shelby holds the record for deadlift and put her lifting training on hold so she could hire a coach to teach her footballs drills and help her improve her overall agility and Jordan Munford only had four weeks to train when she heard about the WFLA combine and jamboree, but she jumped on the opportunity anyway because it was something she always thought would never happen and she didn’t want to let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass her by.

NFL star “Big Tex,” otherwise known as Tyrell Robinson, will be working with the San Diego Waves and says, “There’s so many athletic women that don’t get a chance to showcase their athletic ability. I want to show that women can do the same thing men do as well.”

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