Entrepreneur Lets You Sponsor A Spa Treatment For A Cancer Patient This October

All accredited cancer centers have instituted mandatory distress screenings for every patient due to the link between stress and cancer. Give them a gift.

Entrepreneur Let's You Sponsor A Spa Treat For A Cancer Patient - Lioness MagazineSkinCatering Spa’s team of experts is seeking to match sponsors for Cancer Care Spa Services during the month of October to deliver to the D’Amour Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.

People undergoing cancer treatments are subjected to a lot, physically and emotionally,” said Leanne Sedlak, Chief Visionary Officer & Founder of SkinCatering, LLC. “The caring staff of hospitals, and cancer centers, do their best to make patients feel comfortable & supported during procedures, but there is still a lot of stress.”

Having identified the link between stress and cancer, all accredited cancer centers have instituted mandatory distress screenings for every patient, as of January 2015.  For those fitting a certain stress threshold, hospital staff is required to develop a personal de-stress plan.

Julie Bach, the executive director for Wellness For Cancer Care, the comprehensive training program SkinCatering’s team completed recently, states, “Studies show the power of touch can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue for both cancer patients and survivors. We can help our clients evoke the relaxation response, which in turn calms their bodies neurologically, chemically, and hormonally.”

SkinCatering hopes to deliver $1,000 in sponsored spa services to the D’Amour Center for distribution. They plan to match the amount of spa services that are sponsored.

Skincatering Spa - Leanne Sedlak
Skincatering Founder Leanne Sedlak.

“In the spa industry, specialty services go for a premium price due to expert training and are not typically covered by insurance, even those specific to cancer care,” Sedlak explains. “It is an honor to help the people of our community by using our talent.”

SkinCatering has extended the amount of time allotted in their schedule for cancer care reservations and coordinated the service rates to match those of their basic menu offerings. This allows their staff to give the higher level of service needed, but at an affordable means to guests of the spa.

To sponsor a spa service for cancer care, go to www.skincatering.com/cancercare.

SkinCatering will make delivery of all sponsored services for D’Amour Center patients the first week of November. Gift Certificates purchased for specific individuals can be printed, or emailed directly to your person at the time of purchase.

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