customer communication formula
customer communication formula
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Book of the Week – The Customer Communication Formula

Poor customer service can cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Follow this practical formula for successful communication strategies.

Developing relationships with your customers can make or break your business. Follow the guidance of Charlotte Purvis, an author and customer communication expert, to improve your processes and surpass your service goals. Read “The Customer Communication Formula: How to Communicate with Your Customers and Boost Your Customer Service Brand” for practical formulas and scripts that you can use in your business.

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What is “The Customer Communication Formula” about?

How you communicate with customers is a key component of your customer service and the overall customer experience. Author and customer communication expert Charlotte Purvis has spent over 20 years helping clients improve their customer communication across channels. Now, she shares her formula for success in this easy-to-follow, conversational guidebook. Readers will learn how to create great customer experiences, improve internal and external communication and boost their customer service brand. Packed with examples of customer conversations, scripts and training tips, this helpful book will quickly have you exceeding your customer service goals. Whether you’re a customer service professional or a manager – or looking for a step up in your career – you’ll find The Customer Communication Formula to be a trusted guide to creating your own best-in-class customer experience.

Topics include:

The Customer Communication Formula will teach readers how to:

  1. Stay one step ahead anticipating and delighting customers
  2. Provide EXTREME customer service during a crisis
  3. Speak the language of customer service and manage challenging situations
  4. Analyze your company’s customer service practices with 12 questions
  5. Customize your company’s approach to customer service
  6. Assure the quality of your Quality Assurance – with advice from Jeffrey Newman, the Manager of Customer Care for Porsche Cars North America

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

This book was written in honor of my former and current clients who are Customer Service Professionals (CSPs). While the book offers many strategies for CSPs to achieve excellence in customer service, it also provides relevant and simple formulas for all generations in the workplace. Anyone can develop communication skills to benefit themselves and the business. From college students to CSPs to contact center executives, anyone will benefit from the tried and true strategies offered which have been tested by hundreds of professionals over two decades.

Single most important takeaway:

“Remember the 3-F Formula for customer communication: Friendly tone, Formal words, Focused conversation. This winning formula has guided hundreds of Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) and as a result, literally millions of customers have benefited from the service they received.”

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“As a Customer Service Consultant, I have moved around from organization to organization focusing mostly on CSPs. Now, I’m spending more time with leaders. Why? Because of another lesson I have learned: customer service doesn’t begin with the greeting. Customer service begins with leadership. To develop your vision as a leader, I suggest beginning with clarity around 10 customer service statements outlined in the book to help you and your team explain what you do, why you do it and the expectations for how the customer is treated.”

A headshot of Charlotte Purvis, author of The Customer Communication Formula

Meet the author

Charlotte Purvis is a highly-rated speaker and communication consultant who has influenced an average of one million customer interactions each year for over 20 years. She consults, trains and speaks on customer service, business communication and leadership development for global companies, universities and community organizations. She practices what she teaches as evidenced by nearly 100 percent of her engagements coming from repeat or referral business.

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