self sabotage
self sabotage
Book Of The Week

Book of the Week – The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook

How can we conquer self-sabotage? Follow this step-by-step guide by clinical psychologist Dr. Candice Seti.

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in our own worries, anxieties and doubts. How much could we accomplish if we were able to overcome those mental barriers? Dr. Candice Seti, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, has a solution. She created “The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook: A Step-by-Step Program to Conquer Negative Thoughts, Boost Confidence, and Learn to Believe in Yourself.” In this guide, Dr. Seti provides prompts and strategies to help you stop self-sabotage for good.

What is “The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook” about?

The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook is a collection of tools and skills. Dr. Seti gathered these tips to help you end self-sabotage. It challenges how you stop yourself from being happy and achieving your goals. Whether you’re blocking yourself from moving forward from the past or from achieving your goals, this book is a game-changer for those struggling with damaging and negative habits. You can achieve whatever you want to do in life, such as finding a romantic relationship, getting a promotion, losing weight, traveling or anything else that’s important to you. This instructional and interactive guide includes:

  • Journal prompts to help you understand your triggers
  • Visualization ideas to conquer negative thought cycles
  • Mental exercises to strengthen your resolve
  • Strategies based on real-life examples
  • And much more!

Topics include:

  1. Why we all engage in self-sabotaging behaviors
  2. What these behaviors look like
  3. Where these behaviors come from
  4. How to conquer the behaviors and live your best life

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

This book was written to help people get out of their own way and start achieving everything they want in life. Everyone who wants to achieve and stop sabotaging their efforts will benefit!

Single most important takeaway

“There’s no group that isn’t touched by self-sabotage in one way or another. It’s such a common issue, but few people understand how self-sabotage works in their minds and, ultimately, their lives. To understand how to defeat it, you have to study it and understand it, inside and out.”

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Creating Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Within the worlds of self-sabotage, we hold ourselves back in many different ways and create many different outcomes for ourselves. This sabotage category looks at those who set up self-fulfilling prophecies: The Procrastinator, The Overthinker, and The Assumer:

The Procrastinator is someone who is constantly putting things off and waiting until the last possible minute. This behavior wastes time or creates unproductive time, sets them up to believe they can only achieve by putting things off and never lets them get ahead.

The Overthinker thinks everything to death, in a way that puts extreme emphasis on the negative. Even something small can turn into a spiral of anxious thoughts. This behavior strips their confidence and creates constant self-doubt, overfocuses them on the negative and sets up a self-fulfilling prophecy. It forces them to need control and certainty.

The Assumer is someone who’s always predicting the future and acting on those predictions before seeing if they come true. They decide how they are going to feel, what is going to happen and how people are going to react before even entering into a situation. It prevents them from taking action and keeps them stuck. It closes them off to new opportunities, and never allows them to prove themselves wrong.

Meet the author

As a therapist, author, speaker, coach and former yo-yo dieter, Dr. Candice Seti is committed to helping others achieve health and wellness while gaining self-confidence, stopping self-sabotage and achieving their goals. Dr. Seti maintains a private practice in San Diego, California, where she works one-on-one with individuals, helping them understand their maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns while replacing them with a healthier perspective that allows them to overcome self-sabotage and thrive in their lives.

Dr. Seti helps her patients understand their barriers and achieve success through behavioral lifestyle and cognitive changes. Known as “The Weight-Loss Therapist” online, Dr. Seti is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified nutrition coach, certified weight management specialist, certified expert life coach, certified personal trainer and certified insomnia treatment clinician. She is the author of Shatter the Yoyo, is a featured contributor to numerous blogs, including MyFitnessPal, Aaptiv and Beachbody, and has appeared on FOX 32 Chicago, Las Vegas Morning Blend, CBS 8 Morning Show, NBC Palm Springs and eHealth Radio Network. Find her online at

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