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nurse practitioner lifeline
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Listen to The Nurse Practitioner's Lifeline for tips on how to battle burnout and stress in healthcare.

Many women in the healthcare industry suffer from burnout and high stress. Dr. Lauren Duroy is here to help with her podcast, The Nurse Practitioner’s Lifeline. Duroy suffered from burnout and stress throughout her career and hopes to help others in the industry find balance.

What is the podcast about?

The Nurse Practitioner’s Lifeline is about helping nurses and practitioners find balance. The first step is to heal their minds from anxiety, burnout and self-doubt. Next, it discusses becoming laser-focused on goals and time management to have extra time in our day to discover and focus on our God-given gifts.

The podcast inspires women to share their gifts with the world to help them find financial freedom. Duroy believes every medical mind is a grossly undervalued gold mine. We can not only change and save lives but the trajectory of our world – as long as the confinement of traditional thinking is broken.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for women who are burned out in their current situation. It’s for those who do not yet own the confidence in themselves to design their life how they actually dream it to be. Mostly, this applies to women in healthcare. While Duroy focuses her discussions on women in healthcare, primarily nurses and practitioners, the podcast can help those in related fields. This could be a unit secretary or even some who are completely unrelated, such as life coaches.

Featured episode – Starting Something New

If you’re thinking of venturing onto a new calling or passion but are afraid to go for it, this is your episode. Maybe you think God has called you to do something big or even make the initial moves towards a complete redirect, but you aren’t actually certain it is Him speaking to you. Then, this is also your episode. You know those thoughts and feelings that come about each time we are starting something new… especially when it’s very important to us? 

Duroy does, and hers don’t tend to be positive and encouraging. Knowing how to start something new doesn’t always come easy. Most of the time, it doesn’t. In this episode, Duroy shares how she felt this way as a new entrepreneur as well as all the way back to being a new nurse scared to go into work.


Lauren Duroy has a family doctor nursing practice, is a wife and mother of one (with one on the way). She has been in practice for five years and prior to that was an ICU nurse for four. She launched a successful business by using her rock bottom as her catalyst for change. As a provider during the hard-hitting beginning of the COVID pandemic, she found herself working extra in the hospital and running a full-time clinic. She worked 60+ hours a week while trying to protect and care for her family. Duroy almost crumbled under the pressure. Instead, in a moment of inspiration, she decided to compress, reassess and implement new systems. She now uses that newfound knowledge to help other women find their catalyst.

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