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power flow podcast 1
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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Power Flow

Listen to Power Flow, a podcast featuring diverse voices on renewable energy and the energy economy.

Tired of listening to the same opinions from average white men about the climate crisis and renewable energy? Listen to the Power Flow Podcast with Amy Simpkins, co-founder and CEO of muGrid Analytics, to hear diverse expert voices discuss anything and everything regarding energy.

What is the podcast about?

The Power Flow Podcast is about renewable energy, the clean energy transition, getting off of fossil fuels and building a new energy economy. It discusses the intersectional issues that energy touches, like agriculture, transportation, community resilience and equity. It’s a holistic conversation about these issues and how we innovate to solve them together for the benefit of everyone. All Power Flow guests are female, non-binary and/or BIPOC experts. We don’t dwell on that fact – we focus on their incredible depth of expertise. You’ll find no cisgender, able-bodied, white men here. Innovators that represent diverse demographics tackle innovation in a completely different and more sustainable way than the “traditional” tech demographic. We need to bring all minds to the whiteboard and all voices to the conversation. That’s what Power Flow is for.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

Power Flow is for people within the energy industry who want to network with diverse ideas, founders and experts. This podcast is for people who work in fields related to energy such as social justice, food security or transportation. It’s for those interested in seeking holistic solutions to intersectional challenges. It’s for people who want to learn about clean energy so they can become more aware and advocate for it.

Featured episode – On EV Infrastructure and Green Workforce Development with Kameale Terry

One of the biggest concerns from laypeople about the electric vehicle transition is the availability of charging stations. Kameale Terry is helping to address that need with ChargerHelp! which boasts a specialized workforce of charging station maintenance professionals, able to troubleshoot non-working EV charging stations and get them back online. In doing so, Kameale is contributing to the electric vehicle revolution. At the same time, she is developing the new green workforce – providing solid middle-class jobs that advance clean energy and provide healthy, safe work environments with excellent stability for her team. Kameale also talks about collaborative ideation and making sure people are “in the room” with lived experience and expertise when decisions are made.


As co-founder and CEO at muGrid Analytics, Amy Simpkins solves problems at the intersection of energy technology and economics. Some of what muGrid provides include bankable techno-economic analysis, optimized control and project development of renewable energy. Simpkins is also an internationally recognized speaker on innovation and iterative development for entrepreneurs. She is the author of Spiral: A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion and host of the Power Flow Podcast, which amplifies diverse voices in the energy revolution.

Prior to muGrid, Simpkins designed and operated spacecraft as a systems engineer with Lockheed Martin. Her technical expertise includes system and software architecture, system-level performance modeling, and design tradespace analysis. She holds an MS in astronautical engineering from the University of Southern California and an SB in aeronautics and astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a messy chef, a world traveler, a taekwondo green belt, a vocal music minor and a mom to three curious innovators.

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