life lemons lemondrops
life lemons lemondrops
Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Life, Lemons & LemonDrops

Enjoy a refreshing outlook on life's experiences—both sour and sweet.

When life gives you lemons, turn them into… lemon drops! It’s all about learning how to take our unpleasant experiences and turn them into little joys. In their podcast “Life, Lemons & LemonDrops,” hosts Whitnie Wiley and Greer McVay discuss this summery outlook and bring in guests to share their own wisdom on how to face daily challenges and struggles.

What is the podcast about?

When life bumps up against you, you can choose to pucker up and put on a sour face. Or, instead, mix it up with ingredients like resilience, persistence and grace into the delectable concoction only you can serve! Life, Lemons & LemonDrops is about the sweet highs and sour lows and every drop of life in between. Hosts Greer and Whitnie, along with show guests, help you shake and stir your own lemons into lemon drops.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

Each week, we’ll discuss the recipes that will turn your biggest challenges into the building blocks of the successful and fulfilling life of your dreams. On occasion, we’ll include experts and thought leaders who’ll join the party. You’re always invited, too!

Featured episode – Planning, Procrastination and Progress

In this episode of Life, Lemons & LemonDrops, hosts Greer and Whitnie tackle the problem of procrastination. They discuss what it is, why you do it and how you can move past it. Procrastination is nothing to be ashamed of—it’s something we all find ourselves doing from time to time. When procrastination prevents you from achieving your goals, however, you have to get a handle on it and make changes so that you can progress as you desire.

Awareness that procrastination is one of your habits or patterns is the first step. You can begin to use the tools and strategies that are shared to reduce or eliminate the distractions and delays that put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Host Whitnie Wiley


We are Greer McVay, founder of Precis Strategy Group, author, speaker and communications guru and Whitnie Wiley, founder of Shifting Into Action, bestselling author, speaker and creator of engaging work and workplaces. We’re sisters and since we were children, we’ve made a habit of turning the challenges of our lives into the lessons of a lifetime.

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