savvy safety sisters
savvy safety sisters
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Prepare yourself for anything the world can throw at you.

The world seems to get scarier with every passing day. Listen to the Savvy Safety Sisters, a podcast from Carrie Pasquarello, CEO and Co-Founder of Global Secure Resources. Pasquarello is an expert in risk mitigation, and through her show, she can help you stay aware of risks and learn the tools you need to prevent victimization.

What is Savvy Safety Sisters about?

If you’ve ever thought about ways to improve the safety of your family, friends and employees, then this is the podcast for you. Every episode takes a true-life current event and shares strategies that could be used to improve safety and security.

Who is the podcast for? Why should people listen to it?

You need to know the risk to avoid the risk. Awareness is key to prevention. This podcast is for anyone who wants to learn strategies, tools and techniques to stay safe and prevent victimization. This podcast will make anyone who listens to it more aware and far safer every day for the rest of their lives.

Featured episode – Domestic Violence Awareness Month

This episode spotlights gender violence and domestic violence that has led to physical harm, suffering, kidnapping, rape and murder. Gender violence is a major health and welfare issue for everyone. We need to talk about DV, GV and IPV with students early. Research shows that IPV intimate partner violence is most prevalent in young adulthood.


Carrie Pasquarello is the CEO and Co-Founder of Global Secure Resources Inc. She is a victim advocate who took her overseas experience with the State Department and turned it into a platform to help others navigate safety. She spent over a decade throughout Europe and Asia developing her business strategy based on risk mitigation involved with travel. In the process, Pasquarello refined the security protocols in place used to keep diplomats safe. She then integrated these techniques for clients to ensure their business continuity and most importantly, the safety of their loved ones. Her company is certified as women-owned and she is the author of “Study Abroad Safety, A Parent’s Guide to Sending Your Child Abroad”.

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