imposter syndrome files
imposter syndrome files
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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – The Impostor Syndrome Files

Time to win the fight against impostor syndrome and self-doubt.

It’s hard to feel like you don’t belong or that you’re not “good enough” to match everyone else. Struggling with impostor syndrome can slow your career progress—or even undermine and stop it altogether. Learn how to break free from it with The Impostor Syndrome Files, a weekly podcast by Kim Meninger, an executive coach with Your Career Success. As someone who overcame her own self-doubt, Meninger is the perfect host for your journey.

What is the show about?

The purpose of the podcast is to tell the stories of successful women who have struggled with—and learned how to manage—impostor syndrome and other confidence challenges. Each weekly episode showcases an interview with one professional woman. Guests share their journeys, strategies and mindset shifts that help them navigate self-doubt. The goal is to de-stigmatize impostor syndrome by making it safe for others to share their stories and access support.

Who is the podcast for? Why should people listen to it?

The podcast is primarily targeted at women in the workplace. It’s most valuable to early- to mid-career women who strive to advance their careers while navigating the complexities of traditionally male-dominated work environments. While primarily focused on themes affecting women in the workplace, it has high-level relevance to all professionals who struggle with impostor syndrome.

Featured episode – Episode 77: What Will My Future Self Thank Me For?

In this episode, Meninger’s special guest, Melody Wilding, shares insights and strategies for ‘sensitive strivers’. Melody coined this term to describe high-achievers with high levels of sensitivity to their own and others’ emotions. In this discussion, we cover regulating emotions, listening to our intuition and setting boundaries in order to manage impostor syndrome and build confidence.


As an executive coach, Kim Meninger is passionate about empowering women to become more confident, visible and influential leaders. Having spent over 10 years in the high-tech industry, she experienced first-hand the challenges and opportunities facing women in male-dominated environments. She strives to be the resource to women that she did not have during her own corporate career. Meninger has a BA in psychology and an MBA from Boston College. She also holds a certificate in executive leadership from Cornell University. Meninger is an ICF Associate Certified Coach and CCE Board Certified Coach. She has certifications in career, executive and leadership development coaching.

Find out more about conquering impostor syndrome with these actionable strategies.

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