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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Law Chat with Girija

As a lawyer specializing in helping businesses build strong legal foundations, Girija Patel has plenty of experience working with entrepreneurs. Now, she wants to use her podcast, “Law Chat with Girija,” as a chance to uplift their voices and hear their unique perspectives on small business ownership through in-depth conversations with guests.

What is the podcast about?

Law Chat with Girija is a platform where I want to share, highlight and celebrate diverse narratives and perspectives of entrepreneurship which inevitably provides motivation, encouragement and inspiration to our community. Through the amazing stories of our guests, we can learn and find inspiration in every season of the entrepreneurial journey!

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for entrepreneurs that are starting or established and are looking for advice, tips, motivation and encouragement in their businesses and life. We share valuable law tips and have amazing guests who share their entrepreneurial journey and expert advice.

Featured episode – How to Define Your Values and Ways to Align them in Your Business

In this episode of Law Chat with Girija, we’re taking a deep dive into a conversation about your core values in life and how you can align them with your business operations. As usual, our episode comes jam-packed with actionable tips that you can start implementing in your business right away.


Girija Patel is a mom, wife, lawyer, podcaster, strategist, educator and business owner in Houston, Texas. Her law practice, GBP Law, specifically focuses on helping entrepreneurs and online business owners build their businesses’ legal fundamentals and integrate legal as a part of their strategy so they can move forward confidently and do what they love. Her goal is to help make legal a line item and not a panic attack!

In 2020, Patel launched Your Contract Buddy, an online contract template shop, and also founded her podcast, Law Chat with Girija. From her days of being a prosecutor to managing her own law practice and to being the lead legal strategist for your business, Patel’s core value to serve her community remains at the center of all her endeavors.

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