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Build a Business Framework with Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship

There’s much more that goes into business than making a sale. Written by the Life School’s Visionary CEO, Elona Lopari’s “Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship” is a guidebook to well-rounded success. Lopari shares the insider secrets and business framework that catapulted her company to success. Now, she’s on a mission to empower and guide others on their journey to business growth. Let’s dive in!

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What is the book about?

“Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship” provides seven foundational pillars to building your business.

In this book, Lopari shares her foundational framework for building a legacy business. She’s used these strategies to grow her own company—and help hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporations do the same. You’ll learn the techniques you need at every growth stage: mindset, branding, marketing, sales, systems and teams.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs and other readers will walk away with the skills to make both an impact and profit!

Single most important takeaway:

“When you stop growing, your business does too.”

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Meet the author

Elona Lopari is the Visionary CEO of The Life School, a speaker, a best-selling author and an events organizer to audiences of over 30,000 heart-driven, service-based entrepreneurs and corporations. She is both a servant community builder and a people connector.

Lopari is a former Fortune 500 CEO featured in Disrupt, NY Weekly, Business Insider, CEO Weekly, The Business News and Famous Times.

As the CEO of The Life School, she helps visionary leader CEOs grow legacy purpose-driven businesses through inner alignment, branding, marketing, sales and teams, maximizing their impact and income to do more good in the world.

Her next book, launching in January 2024, is “Visionary Purpose Driven Leadership”.

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