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Book Of The Week — The MECE Muse

Christie Lindor connects with over 50 top consulting partners across 27 organizations on their strategies for success, in her new book, "The MECE Muse."

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What This Book Is About

Management consultant Christie Lindor spent the first five years of her career looking for the right model of mentorship as an African American woman in a mostly male dominated industry. Since then, she’s figured out the keys to mentorship and grown her network. Now, she’s spent over a decade mentoring dozens, and has approached management consulting in a different way — a way that can be valuable to anyone climbing the ladder in any industry: from the emotional intelligence, not technical, point of view.

Lindor is spilling her secrets in a new book, “The MECE Muse: 100+ selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants,” out next month. For the book, Lindor connected with over 50 top consulting partners across 27 organizations on their strategies for success, and she shares that along with her own personal perspective. Her mission is to “be the mentor I wish I had” and she is amplifying her efforts through this book as well as a podcast, The MECE Muse: Unplugged, where she connects with people across a variety of industries to provide career advice.

Topics explored include:

  • The mindset of great consultants.
  • Performance and conditioning of great consultants.
  • Nailing your deliverables.
  • Managing energy and bandwidth.
  • The art of influence and pushback.
  • Exploring nontraditional consulting careers.

Why You Should Read It

A number of us leave our everyday jobs to turn our expertise turn into consultancy. We know consultants get paid big bucks for their knowledge, but with so many of us on the market, how do we stand out, impact the firms and companies we are working with and land the next great deal? What’s the best way to position yourself?

All of these topics, and more, are explored in Lindor’s new book. Like everything else, consulting is a skill. This book is a must-read for those looking to do it right.

Best Takeaway

“The ability to build and foster client relationships is the bread and butter of a consulting career.”

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Has anyone even innovated in the consulting industry? This chapter, “Prepare for the Consulting of the Future,” talks about what’s on the horizon. It’s refreshing to take a look at the industry through a fresh lens: artificial intelligence and creating new operating models.

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