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Book of the Week – The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy

Tricia Brouk used her experience in film and speaking to write "The Influential Voice." She discusses the importance of sharing stories and finding your voice.

It’s time for summer reading! We’re showcasing books written by speakers at our sister company, Innovation Women. Read the best books to help you launch your startup or refine your business skills. This week’s feature is “The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy” by Tricia Brouk, director, producer, author and founder of The Big Talk Academy.

Learn about the book from the author:

What is “The Influential Voice” about?

“The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy” is a compilation of stories, personal and historical, that remind us of the power of our voice – along with practical techniques for how to use your voice, on stage and off, in a way that will be the most effective.

Topics include:

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Idea mining
  • Becoming conscious
  • Responsibility
  • Fear
  • Performance
  • Pitching

Why should I read the book? Who is it for?

In the midst of a tumultuous year when all of America seemed to be consumed with divisive, harsh actions and rhetoric, I knew it was a time instead to encourage a new kind of communication, one filled with empathy, inclusion, and consciousness. Stories were out there that the world desperately needed to hear, and it is my mission to amplify them, This is a book about how to be a good human being while learning how to be an effective, dignified and loving communicator. It is incredibly personal and hopefully incredibly informational for any speaker who is ready to share their story with the world.

In “The Influential Voice,” you will find out how to uncover and work through your limiting beliefs about yourself, use your voice with great responsibility and get past fear to identify where it’s really coming from. You gain access to a total technique package, from rehearsals to performances to feedback, and the art of the pitch to help you land those big speaking opportunities.

This book is a guide, but it’s also a piece of my heart for you. I want to see you change the world, and I know this can help you do it.

Best takeaway

“Anyone can become an influential voice. And when you decide to share your powerful message, you can change and even save a life.”

Meet the author

A photo of Tricia Brouk, the author of The Influential Voice

Tricia Brouk is an international award-winning director. She has worked in theater, film and television for three decades. Her work includes the writing of two musicals, both produced in New York City, a one-woman show and four documentaries, two eligible for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominations. She had an extensive career as a dancer performing all over the world.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Brouk applies her expertise to the art of public speaking. Brouk founded The Big Talk Academy where she certifies speakers in the art of public speaking. She was the executive producer of Speakers Who Dare and TEDxLincolnSquare and now The Big Talk Live. In under three years, she shepherded more than fifty speakers onto more than fifteen TEDx stages. She is currently being featured in a new documentary called Big Stages, which highlights the transformation of her speakers.

Brouk’s commitment and devotion to inclusion is a priority as all of her shows, events and communities are diverse. She curates and hosts the Speaker Salon in NYC, The Big Talk, an award-winning podcast on iTunes and YouTube. Her book, “The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean For Lasting Legacy” was the number one New Release on Amazon in December 2020. Brouk lives in New York City with her husband, Joe Ricci, and their two cats, Lola and Bella. Their building faces the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater where she gets to watch young dancers realize their dreams every single day.

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