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Book of the Week – The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

Are you ready to open a treasure trove of marketing insights? Then you need a copy of “The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever“! With dozens of subject matter experts as co-authors, the book provides over 350 fresh ideas on branding, advertising, promotion, copywriting and more. Discover practical marketing strategies that will pave the way for sustainable growth. This is the book you’ve been waiting for!

What is your book about?

In this one-of-a-kind book, you’ll find inspiring ideas on social media, content marketing, personal branding, word of mouth, promotions, research, and much, much more from experts located around the world! Whether you’re new to marketing or an experienced pro, you’re sure to find some gold nuggets among the more than 350 marketing observations and ideas packed into this book! If you’re looking for fresh ideas to take your small business marketing to the next level, this is the perfect resource.

The book’s co-authors:

Led by bestselling author Mark Schaefer, “The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever” features a remarkable lineup of experts, including:

  • Robbie Fitzwater (Email Marketing)
  • Samantha Stone (Marketing Strategy)
  • Fiona Lucas (Community Building)
  • Zack Seipert (Influencer Marketing)
  • Frank Prendergast (Marketing Research)
  • Marci Cornett (Marketing Research)
  • Scott Murray (Consumer Behavior)
  • Karine Abbou (Content Marketing)
  • David Bisek (Branding)
  • Lisa Apolinski (Customer experience)
  • Larry Aronson (SEO)
  • Victoria Bennion (Blogging)
  • Chad Parizman (Podcasting)
  • Marion Abrams (Podcasting)
  • Laura Vendeland Doman (YouTube and video)
  • Ian Anderson Gray (Livestreaming)
  • Kami Huyse (Social Media Strategy)
  • Mandy Edwards (Facebook Strategy)
  • Richard Bliss (LinkedIn)
  • Joanne Taylor (TikTok)
  • M Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA (Instagram)
  • Julia Bramble (Twitter)
  • Jules Morris (Digital Advertising)
  • Jeff Tarran (Direct Mail)
  • Brian Piper (Metaverse)
  • Joeri Billast (Web3 and NFTs)
  • Mary Kathryn Johnson (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Sandee Rodriguez (Promotional Products)
  • Anna Bravington (Experiential Marketing)
  • Bruce Scheer (Marketing Measurement)
  • Daniel Nestle (Strategic Communications)
  • Pepper Brooks (Inclusive Marketing)
  • Giuseppe Fratoni (Copywriting)
  • Al Boyle (Copywriting)
  • Rob LeLacheur (Traditional advertising)

Single most important takeaway:

The book is packed with practical ideas that will boost sustainable growth.

Headshot Samantha Stone

Meet a featured co-author

Samantha Stone is a revenue catalyst who specializes in complex buying processes. Her book, Unleash Possible: A Marketing Playbook that Drives Sales, has helped thousands of leaders build predictable growth. You can find her at

Want to hear more from Samantha Stone? Check out her workshop for Lioness, “The Realities of a Recession: Adapting Your Offerings for Nervous Buyers,” or read our coverage of her book, “Unleash Possible.”

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