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Book of the Week – The Expecting Entrepreneur

Your life is baby-ready—but did you babyproof your business?

If you’re an independent entrepreneur who isn’t trapped by some official company policy, you have the power to design your parental leave your way. Turn to “The Expecting Entrepreneur: A Guide to Parental Leave Planning for Self Employed Business Owners” to ensure that your plan is flawless. Arianna Taboada, author and founder of The Expecting Entrepreneur, is an expert in parental leave. Her book guides business owners to prepare for parenthood and keep their businesses from languishing in the background.

What is your book about?

When you’re the boss, planning for much-needed parental leave, making money and helping your business survive can feel overwhelming. You deserve to recover from childbirth and transition into this new chapter without the stress of work. How do you design a parental leave that works for you, your family and your business—without sacrificing entrepreneurship success?

In The Expecting Entrepreneur, parental leave consultant Arianna Taboada provides a step-by-step blueprint for expecting business owners. They can plan parental leave while ensuring that their small business runs smoothly and successfully in their absence. Full of easy-to-implement strategies and diverse case studies of women entrepreneurs during pregnancy and motherhood, this is your guide to confidently prioritizing your health and your baby with a leave that fits your business model.

Topics include:

  1. The Art and Science of Parental Leave
  2. Ideas and Inspiration for Designing Your Leave
  3. How to Assess and Improve Your Business Operations
  4. How to Fund Parental Leave
  5. Communicating Your Leave to Clients and Shareholders
  6. Postpartum Mental and Emotional Health
  7. Building Your Support Network
  8. Returning to Work After Parental Leave

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

The book is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or are otherwise looking for guidance on how to plan for parental leave that fits their life and their business model. In the absence of company policies or other social safety nets, entrepreneurs often need to figure out planning for family and business on their own. The Expecting Entrepreneur offers a roadmap for how to navigate the journey of growing a family and a business.

Single most important takeaway:

“No one should have to choose between running a business and having a family. Entrepreneurs can design a parental leave that works for you, your family and your business.”

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Meet the author

Arianna Taboada, MSW, MSPH, is an author, speaker and founder of The Expecting Entrepreneur, a strategic advisory firm that works with entrepreneurs to design parental leave plans that meet their business model and personal needs. She is the author of “The Expecting Entrepreneur: A Guide to Parental Leave Planning for Self Employed Business Owners” and a frequent public speaker on the topic. Taboada speaks and writes about parental leave, respectful maternity care and business strategies for entrepreneurs. Her work has been featured by Forbes, Huffington Post, Startup Parent, iHeart Radio, Lift Economy and many other outlets.

Taboada earned her Master of Social Work and a Master of Science in Maternal and Child Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is also an in-house senior researcher at Hopelab, a social innovation lab focused on health and well-being interventions for adolescents and young adults, including those who are pregnant or parenting. Taboada is bilingual, binational and bicultural, and has spent much of her life working across the US and Mexico. She currently lives, works and plays with her family in Oakland, CA.

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