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Book Of The Week: Evolving Beauty

Taylor does a remarkable and thoughtful job teaching women the business of beauty. "Evolving Beauty" is a must-read for anyone doing business online.

Book Of The Week: Evolving Beauty - Lioness Magazine“Evolving Beauty” is an atlas of  essential insider tactics for success in a new age of beauty. Written by Phylencia Taylor, a consultant, philanthropist and beauty culturalist for Fortune 500 companies and startups. It is a must-have for powerhouse intrapreneurs, change agent entrepreneurs, brand manufacturers and beauty influencers. Readers are introduced to The Beauty Breakthrough Theorem, a proprietary algorithm and brand building tool for big and small businesses, no matter what stage are you brand is in. 

Taylor does a remarkable and thoughtful job teaching women how to do the beauty business in 2017. Any person who is interested in carving out an online beauty business will get the essential tools to build a successful business in the digital age. We’ll even go as far as saying even if your business is it in beauty, you should read this book. It touches on everything from social media to blogging to engage in your target audience. A good read for anyone doing business in our digital age.

For more information about the book or to purchase your copy, click here.

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